HITS Firefox Personas

Are you using Firefox 3.5 right now?   You should be.   Not just because it’s offering one of the most up-to-date technologies available in web browsing today, but because they’ve introduced Firefox Personas!

If you’re already familiar with Firefox Themes, they’re sort of like that, but really it’s the default theme with interchangeable skins.   Without restarting the browser, you can change the look of your browser in seconds.   The best part is, they’re really easy to install and you can even make your own!

I quickly got to work on a few designs that I thought represented HITS nicely, but also worked well as a skin.   Many, many Personas in the gallery are impossible to use because the graphics camouflage the buttons and text.   Not the HITS Personas, though!

Take a look at the examples below and start reppin’ your favorite Tally Hall fan site now!   There are more coming soon, too.

Click below to see previews of them in action:

Sand ff_persona_waves_screenshot_sm

Here’s a preview of the 3rd design (NOW AVAILABLE!)


All the current HITS designs can be found here:

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