Mancow to Debut New Tally Hall Tune?

Radio DJ Mancow says he will be debuting NEW Tally Hall music on his show tomorrow (Monday) morning.   He met with the band this weekend and they handed him a recording.     I’ve attempted to contact Mancow and the band to find out what song and what time this will be happening, but I’ve received no response from anyone.

This confuses me, though, because to the best of anyone’s knowledge, they’ve recorded nothing but rough demos for label listening.     No actual studio time has been granted, yet.   So will we hear a demo version of a new song?   I wish I had the answers, folks.   Guess we’ll just have to tune in and find out.

The show is syndicated weekdays, 6:30am – 11am EST (5:30am – 10am CST)
Find your local station here:

After researching all of his markets, I recommend the best place to listen online is through KDZZ’s website.
Direct link to their player:

I will try and record it, but I make no guarantees that I’ll be able to… in fact, I probably will miss it.   So any help from you all would be greatly appreciated.   And be sure to tweet any updates that you don’t see me making!

UPDATE: @hiddeninthesand says “Well, Im sorry but Mancow didnt play new Tally Hall as promised. I think everyone should tweet him @mancowmuller and ask him WHY!   Really.”

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