Tally Hall’s Collaborative New Song — For A Book

Back on August 12th, I tweeted that Andrew had reported a new song will be released this fall.

Not long after, discussion on the band’s forum began to erupt and speculation ensued. At the time I wrote about how I thought this would be a single released independent of the forthcoming album and will probably not be included in said album.   I also speculated that the nature of the release would be unique, be it through a commercial, video game, movie, etc.

So far, I can safely say I was partially right.   But I did not predict that it would be a song released along with a book.   As it turns out, the song in question will be a free download to anyone who purchases a particular book through Wal*Mart.   At this moment in time, I do not know the title of the book.

What I DO know is that it’s a collaboration with a female singer, as Andrew originally alluded to.   How’s THAT for unpredictability!   Who is the female singer, you ask?   Why, none other than eclectic, jazzy, really eclectic, pop rock-ish, eclectic singer-songwriter Nellie McKay (pronounced Mc-Eye).

Quite a quirky gal, ain’t she?   Not always!   But enough to make me think glorious thoughts about how this song will end up sounding.   I’m told that, when asked why she was chosen to be involved, the reply was “We liked her voice.”   I’ve included a couple other choice selections from YouTube below for you.   But before we get to that…

I thought you might want to know that the private Denison University show last Saturday was definitely their last show before recording… which has been confirmed to be happening very soon (this fall) in a studio in California.

Ok, now that that’s all out of the way, enjoy some more Nellie McKay:



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Thanks to @shaunmcfall for obtaining most of the information provided in this update.


UPDATE — 9/9/09 4:02pm: Official word has come from the band in the form of a tweet. “New song released wsg/ Nellie McKay! Comes as a download with the book “The Magician’s Elephant” at Walmart. http://yfrog.com/5f54429832j

UPDATE 2: I’ve posted a clip of the new song, entitled “Light And Night” here.

UPDATE 3: The song seems to be readily available for download by visiting the following page and entering in the code it provides for you. http://mp3.walmart.com/elephant. A Tally Hallmanac wiki page has also been created for fans to get or collaborate on lyrics, song meanings, etc. https://www.hiddeninthesand.com/wiki/index.php?title=Light_And_Night

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