HITS Updates, Announcements, & Reminders

Disclaimer: This blog post contains some potentially boring updates about this website that I hope you take a moment to read anyway.

1.   FEATURED VIDYAS. I’m trying out a new feature on the front page.   “Featured Videos” is what I’ve decided to call it after many moments of deliberation and arguing with myself.   It’s simply a place to showcase a current must-see Tally Hall video and a must-see fan-made video.   The idea is to grab the attention of people not too familiar with Tally Hall and show them the current, most interesting videos on YouTube.   Today, we’ll launch this feature with the current Boralogue and one of the best covers of a Tally Hall song in recent history.

2.   SOCIAL MEDIUMS. For those who may not have noticed, HITS has a presence on all the major social media outlets.   Tumblr, FriendFeed, Myspace, YouTube, and of course Twitter, Facebook, and LiveJournal.   There are icons in the Main Menu at the top to all these places.   Tumblr proved to be a great place to combine all the major feeds of HITS and string them together for everyone.   But apparently Mr. Tumblr requires a log-in at least once a week or else they stop importing those feeds (which has happened twice already, since I thought I could “SET IT AND FORGET IT!”).   So if you use Tumblr, please follow HITS so I know you’re using it or else I’m gonna kill it off.

You can also find these links at the bottom of every page, now.   Almost 2 months after The Tally Hallmanac was launched, Google still barely knows about it.   So I’ve added text links to the bottom of every page in hopes that Google will be able to find the darned thing.

3. FLASH ANIMATOR. I’ve been desperately seeking a Flash animator to help me with a HITS-related project for a while, now.   Can’t seem to find one.   Do you know someone?   Please have them get in touch with me ASAP!

4. GET INVOLVED. Remember, HITS is not a place to just view information.   It’s a place for everyone to provide information.   Since there’s no tour at the moment, the FanJournals and Galleries are seeing no action.   But the entire Tally Hallmanac wiki is open to the public to share what you know.

I sure hope you’ve bought your tickets!   I have.   I’ll be at the West Chester, PA show wearing my HITS t-shirt.   Hold on, I need to start a new numbered list item….

5. HITS SCHWAG SHOP. Seriously, in the HITS menu at the top… click ETC. and then SCHWAG SHOP.   This is how you get your official HITS gear to wear to shows and show off your super-fandom-ness.   OK, here’s a quick link to The HITS Schwag Shop.   See you soon!

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