Recap Of This Week’s Tally Hall News

It’s been a hectic time for your ol’ pal Coz, trying to keep up on all that’s happening with Tally Hall this week. More updates have been tweeted in these last few days than ever before. It would have been easy for many to have missed something important.

So let’s recap what’s happened up to this moment:

  • The tour with Jukebox The Ghost & Skybox began.
  • Joe is MIA for this tour. He is “OK” but at the last minute, he had to bow out for reasons unknown. Casey Shea was selected as Joe’s replacement.
  • They debut a new song called Who You Are and re-title the song “The Gap” into “The Trap” and play both on the first night of the tour. [UPDATE:  Who You Are was previously known by the name “You Are” and was played during the Union Hall residency in February 2009] Listen to The Trap HERE.
  • They debut the long-rumored song “Out In The Twilight” on the 2nd night of the tour in NYC. Listen HERE.
  • The album title is revealed! It’s gonna be called Good & Evil. The release date has yet to be announced but there’s a possibility that the date was decided last night after the Bowery Ballroom show. The interview in which the title was revealed is a very informative read. See it HERE.
  • Jill publishes her FanJournal on HITS Blogs of the 3/3 show in Boston. LINK.
  • J2 publishes his FanJournal on HITS Blogs of the 3/4 show in NYC. LINK.
  • Jill uploads photos from 3/3/10 (Great Scott) to HITS Galleries. LINK.
  • Peter uploads photos from 3/4/10 (Bowery Ballroom) to HITS Galleries. LINK.
  • After inspection of the setlists provided in the FanJournals, it’s noted that there are no NEW “Joe songs” being played so far, but this could just be because Joe sings the lead in them and Casey doesn’t know them yet.
  • Casey Shea writes a short blog on his experience with Tally Hall so far and sheds some light on how they met (even though many of us old-timers remember when they played together first).

That’s all for now.  I know some people are starting to reconsider going to their respective future tour date, but I urge you to go.  Not only is the uniqueness of this event (first time (hopefully last time) without Joe) worth it alone, but they are changing the songs around slightly to account for Casey’s not-yet-total comprehension of the songs.  And people are still having amazing times at these shows, from what I see on the Twitterverse.  And uh, in the very worst case scenario, since we’re all still trying to figure out what’s going on with Joe, you kinda have to consider that this might be the last time they ever tour.  Just sayin’.


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3 thoughts on “Recap Of This Week’s Tally Hall News

  • March 6, 2010 at 7:36 am

    ah! don’t say they may never tour again! i can’t make it to any of march’s shows…can you harass them and ask if they plan to tour still? haha your statement may have depressed the entire fansite.

  • March 8, 2010 at 9:57 am

    Sorry, Brielle 🙁
    I hate to be a fear-monger. I don’t want to be, really. But I do want to make sure the possibility is not overlooked and to help ensure no one regrets not going.

  • March 9, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    ugh the only thing i regret is not being born 3 years earlier so i could go to their 21+ show in philly.


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