Tally Hall Appears on Ariel & Zoey (& Eli, Too!)

Ann Arbor tween performers (and identical 11-year-old twins) Ariel and Zoey — and, more recently, their 9-year-old brother Eli, started filming a TV show which would air in many markets across the US (check here for local listings). For one of their first season episodes, they had Tally Hall on for an interview and performance. I’m guessing it was filmed back in July, when Tally Hall was in Ann Arbor for their show at the A.A. Art Fair.

The show debuted back in September and the Tally Hall episode aired sometime back in November, but today they uploaded the Tally Hall segment after I asked them about it (which I was prompted to do after a question asked on the HITS Formspring).

Anyway – here’s the segment (UPDATED JULY 11, 2021:  The link to watch this episode is now on TUBI!)

Tally Hall on Ariel & Zoey (& Eli, Too!)

For more info on Ariel & Zoey (& Eli, Too!) visit: http://www.arielandzoey.com/


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