Atlantic No More?

This evening (or early morning, depending on where you are) a fan named Seth noticed something odd and queried me on the HITS Facebook page. He noticed that Tally Hall is no longer listed on the Artists page of (which very recently received a complete re-design). Furthermore, he sent an email to and received an error message.

You’ll also notice that Atlantic Records is no longer listed in the footer of (although the links for Privacy Policy, etc. still go to the generic pages set up on Atlantic’s site. Plus, their messageboard is still up and on Atlantic’s servers – and the Atlantic store still lists them as artists, but I wouldn’t let that fool you because that part of the site is not managed by the same people so it’s not been updated nearly as recently) but one gets the impression that the changes are in motion.

I might remind you that my word is far less than “official” but if you’re a record label and you take an artist off your artist list, well, there’s really only one conclusion the public can come to. And if you’ve come to the conclusion that Atlantic and Tally Hall have parted ways… you are probably right. Of course, I can only say “probably” because there’s been no official word from either camp. Though I will attempt to get a comment from Atlantic on this issue and update this blog with the response, if I receive one.

Stay tuned to HITS for further developments. (That means follow HITS on Facebook and/or Twitter!)

OK, so assuming this is true… what does this mean for Good & Evil?  Not much.  The band has clearly stated to me that they’re still targeting Spring 2011 as their release period.  One way or another, this album will come out.  That is one thing they are all determined on.  The “Spring” thing may not come to fruition, but the “release” is pretty much a definite.

OK, so the other big next question:  What does this mean for Joe Hawley?  Again, not much.  He is still listed as a band member in all the main places on the web and he, too, is determined to get that album released.  There’s not much more to it at the moment.  I mean, there is, but when you get down to the nitty gritty of it all, that’s all there is to it.


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