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I hate to ruin the surprise or scoop the band on any announcements, but when information becomes publicly published, sometimes it’s just too tasty to not pass along to you.

So, the running rumor was that signs were pointing to Atlantic & Tally Hall had parted ways.  Naturally, the first thing to pop into most long-time fans’ heads was “I hope they go back to Quack!” and last night, some things started to unravel.

First, Red Ryder Entertainment, their booking agent, said some big news is on the way.  This sounded like a tour was in the works.  Then, upon visiting the Red Ryder website, specifically on the “Avails” page, it was noticed that Tally Hall is listed with “Quack Media” as the record label and they were looking for dates to headline between July and August 2011.  There was no way of knowing when that was updated, but upon further inspection, the PDF they make available on their website shows it was updated on February 9th.  Although it’s POSSIBLE that, since Tally Hall’s been with Red Ryder since they were initially with Quack that Red Ryder never updated the record label for the band…. but it’s been 3 years.  I highly doubt it.

What’s all this mean?  Well, nothing’s been officially announced, but it APPEARS as if Tally Hall’s signed with Quack again, will release Good & Evil before July 22nd and will kick off at least one leg of a tour on July 22nd (or are hoping to).

Of course, this still begs the question “Will Joe be touring with them?”  Only time will tell…..

Red Ryder Avails - Spring 2011

2 thoughts on “Back To Quack

    • February 25, 2011 at 5:29 pm

      It’s gotta mean they’re looking for support on the tour – meaning, they’re headlining, which supports the theory that the tour is for the purpose of promoting their new album. Any way you look at it, “To Support” couldn’t mean anything but “this band is available to support ___”


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