Is this the real cover art for Good & Evil?

As you probably know, Tally Hall released the first single from Good & Evil today on the music blog Consequence of Sound, nearly 14 months after it was initially played on an Ann Arbor radio station.

HITS Community member (AKA a Tally Hall fan), David Thom, did some snooping and discovered the source file for the MP3 that Consequence of Sound posted today.

Downloading the file revealed two interesting things:

  1. Album art (???)
  2. The POSSIBLE track number of the song. #3, in fact.

Now, the question is… could this actually be the album art for Good & Evil? While it certainly is somewhat of a complex illustration, it’s not exactly… well… it’s quite simple in its execution. I expected something with a bit more of a “WOW” factor. You know what I mean? But it could easily just be a placeholder image made by the band OR it’s their way of seeing how proactive their fans are. Here, take a look:

Is this the REAL Good & Evil cover?

UPDATE 5/3/11: Yes! This is the REAL album cover of Good & Evil!


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One thought on “Is this the real cover art for Good & Evil?

  • May 2, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    It’s great to get home from school and baseball practice and find out stuff like this.


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