HITS Is On Google Plus

on Google+

HITS is now on Google+!
“But what does that mean?” you say. “That remains to be seen!” I say.

In case you’re not aware, Google+ is a new social network by Google which takes the best features of Twitter, the best features of Facebook, nothing from Myspace, and combines them.  Moreso, it’s deeply integrated with all of the other Google products around the web, from Blogger to YouTube to Google Docs and more.

It’s really quite a great network, however it still needs people using it and no one wants to use it if they’ve already got Facebook going.  That’s ok.  I think because of the intergration with the rest of the web, Google+ will succeed.

Nevertheless, they’ve just launched Pages for businesses and brands.  Naturally, I had to jump in and create a Page for HITS.  It’s just another way you can stay on top of Tally Hall news, no matter what network you prefer to use.  So if you’re on Google+, add HITS to your circles!

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