HITS 3.0 is Officially Launched

H_logo-3 The soft launched occurred back in November 2012 and since then I’ve been trying to spend some time here and there working out the kinks. I’ve come to the conclusion there are some kinks that just came be unkinked.

So here we have the 3rd iteration of the greatest fan site for Tally Hall anyone’s ever seen. I say that with the utmost confidence and modesty.

So, what’s new?

The site is now entirely powered by WordPress.

It’s using a responsive design theme, customized by yours truly. What does responsive design mean? It means it should contort itself to fit any screen size you have. ┬áIf you’re on a desktop, go ahead and adjust the width of your window. You’ll see everything start to squish up until the sidebar eventually drops below the content and everything relaxed up again until they start getting squished again. It works (kinda) on mobile phones, too.

There’s a new FAQ system, integrated into WordPress. It doesn’t have all the bells & whistles the last one had, but those bells & whistles never got used anyway.

The outstanding kinks are on the wiki. They shouldn’t be too noticeable anyway. If you’re interested in the evolution of the site, check out the Tally Hallmanac page on this.

Always looking for good suggestions and feedback, so if you have anything… just let me know!

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