The “&” Music Video, by HSRT and Fans Like You

Back in 2012, the band teamed up again with Steve Loter (Director of Hidden In The Sand’s music video) and they asked the fans of Tally Hall to submit creative versions of the ampersand to be used in a music video for the song “&” off the band’s sophmore album, Good & Evil.

Production never quite got off the ground, they kind of ran out of money, and the whole project had to be scrapped. Sadness ensued. Depression took over. It stayed there for well over a year.

And then one day, the brilliant YouTuber Skye, AKA “HomeStarRunnerTron” (who you might remember as the guy who won the HITS 2008 Tally Hall Music Video Contest with a cover of “Hidden In The Sand” {EVERYTHING’S COMING UP HITS!}) decided he wanted to take all those unused ampersands and make the video that never was.

Today, he unveiled the final product in all its glory. I present to you… HomeStarRunnerTron, in association with Fans Like You…
The music video for Tally Hall’s “&”:

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