UPDATED: Rob Cantor Tours w/ Tallies

In 1563 King Charles IX  (AKA “The King Charles 9“) decreed January 1 to be the first day of the year. Eighteen years later, in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII introduced the new Gregorian Calendar, and New Year’s Day was moved to January 1. Upon moving the official New Year’s Day from April 1 to January 1, there were some people who hadn’t heard or didn’t believe the change in the date, so they continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on April first. These people were called them “April fools” and often had tricks played on them. They were subject to ridicule, and were often sent on “fools errands” or were made the butt of other practical jokes.
– (source)

I apologize for all the pain I’ve caused.



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But you guys might have some anger issues to work on!

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But at least y’all are starting to catch on. 🙂



Well, SOME of you, anyway. 🙂


‘Til next year!!!

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