[UPDATED] CONTEST! Make A Video For Rob Cantor’s “I’m Gonna Win”

UPDATE:  Deadline extended to October 30th!

How would you like to win a drum head, signed by all 5 members of Tally Hall — plus other cool Tally Hall memorabilia?

All you have to do is make a music video for Rob Cantor’s song “I’m Gonna Win”!  Check out the  handsome chap in the video below for all the details.


  1. Make a music video for Rob Cantor’s version of “I’m Gonna Win
  2. Upload it to YouTube by October  30th, 2014 at 11:59pm
  3. Email me using the form below with the following information:
    • The URL on YouTube where your video resides
    • Your name and mailing address
    • A brief description of the video and any information about it which you think I should know

Once the deadline is over, I will gather them together and poll the fans of Tally Hall (via hiddeninthesand.com) as to which one is the best.  Assuming there are more than 5 entries, I will narrow it down to 5 before putting it to the vote.




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