Vote For The Best Fan-Made “I’m Gonna Win” Music Video

didnt-not-voteOriginally I had said I would narrow it down to 5 and let everyone vote on the best fan-made music video for Rob Cantor’s “I’m Gonna Win”. But knowing how much work you guys put into these, I just can’t cut out anyone. So we have all 8 entries here for you to vote on. Even though I was hoping for more participation from the fan base, I still really appreciate the time, effort, and thought that all 8 of these people put into their submissions.

As previously announced, the winner will get a used drum head, signed by all 5 members of Tally Hall, plus a tour pass signed by them all, too. A Tally Hall sticker and temporary tattoo will also be shipped to the winner.

Who deserves all that cool stuff? You are the judge. I urge you all to vote based on creativity over execution, to keep it all on a more even playing field.

Below you’ll find the playlist of videos and the voting poll below it. Use the playlist-button button to advance through them.

This poll is set to only allow a single vote per IP address, so choose wisely.

POLL CLOSES AT 11:59PM EST on November 9th 2014!

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One thought on “Vote For The Best Fan-Made “I’m Gonna Win” Music Video

  • November 3, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    Too cool to go into each game! …felt like I was there too!


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