Joe Hawley’s ‘Mulhatten’ debuts「 пустощі 」

HANG ON, BUSTER!  I know you want to skip down to the video, but please allow me to give it a proper introduction first. It’ll only take a minute!

You may recall back a few weeks ago during a broadcast of Treetown Sound on Ann Arbor’s 107.1, DJ Matthew Altruda broke the news that Joe Hawley had been working on a hip-hop album. He didn’t really have any more details to add but said he expected it to drop in the Spring. AND HERE IT IS!

Joseph, the elusive red tie, now appears to be using the alias “Mulhatten” for this project — and while there’s no indication of the album’s name yet, there appears to be an 8-bit Russian or Ukrainian vibe throughout the visual identity associated with this new branch of music making. No word yet on how this relates (or doesn’t) to Hawaii: Part II.

The first single is called пустощі and you can listen to it below.

It’s a beautiful day out, everyone. I hope you enjoy some of it!

Play пустощі by Mulhatten


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