Tally Halloween 2022 News Update!

After an unexpected inturruption, Hidden In The Sand is back! We are still getting arrangements together, & we’ll be able to share more information about what’s been going on, as well as further information about Coz’s memorial in due course. But for now, on this sacred Tally Halloween 2022, we have a swath of news to report!

First, we (by which I mean Bex) organised an art-a-day challenge for the month of October called #TallyTober! We’re at the end of it now, but check out the hashtag to see all the cool art that the community has made 🎃

Next, we are overjoyed to announce that our covers album: ‘We Like To Play It All: A Tribute to Tally Hall‘ was able to raise $165.55 for Penn Medicine, who were kind, courteous, and took care of former Hidden In The Sand webmaster Coz Baldwin when he needed it.

From here on in, any funds raised from the album will be donated to the Village Players of Hatboro, of which Coz was a volunteer, performer, and webmaster.
Rest easy, Coz. Your legacy is in good hands. 💜

On to Tally Hall news:

As you may have seen, Tally Hall’s sophomore record ‘Good & Evil’ is being re-pressed by Needlejuice Records. To coincide with the release, they are also releasing a companion 7″ vinyl record single consisting of ‘Turn The Lights Off’, and, for the first time ever on a physical format: ‘Light & Night’.

This new release(!!) appropriately, has brand new artwork by Drew Mokris, who was the director and animator for the Turn The Lights Off music video:

Front cover
Back cover

Needlejuice are also committing to more pressings of Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, with some new variants:

Silent Explosive
Img courtesy of @fabloodude

Silent explosive is a Red, blue, & yellow swirl with a grey & green splatter.
This variant is in-hand and shipping directly from Needlejuice now. Needlejuice recommend that if you want a copy of Marvin’s on vinyl in time for Christmas, then order this variant.
Note: The sticker on this variant says it is the “Vinyl Luxe Exclusive.” This is an error. The Vinyl Luxe Exclusive is the “Haiku” variant:

Haiku Variant
Img Courtesy of @weirdojace

The Haiku variant is a red, blue, & yellow-striped color-way, limited to 250 copies, and exclusive to Vinyl Luxe. This variant is in hand and shipping now from Vinyl Luxe.

Top: “Disintegrates Into Chalk”
Bottom: “Reappears Into Chalk”
img courtesy of @bullmoose

Bull Moose also have their own exclusive Marvin’s represses. Last year’s out-of-print version being “Disintegrates Into Chalk” a Black & white galaxy variant (top).
And the ’22 repress is the new, “Reappears Into Chalk” variant: Black ice with white whisps (bottom). This variant is in-hand, and available to order now.

Orders of Reappears Into Chalk come with an exclusive sticker, too!
img courtesy of @bullmoose

Needlejuice are re-printing their Marvin’s CDs, also! With this next batch having higher printing quality, as well as fixing a couple lyrical errors in the booklet. Namely “Sotries” will be correctly mis-spelled this time around! There was also a line missing in the booklet for Banana Man: “Forget all your troubles and go with the flow” was absent, but will be reinstated for the next batch.

Marvin’s will also be repressed to Minidisc! More about that later…

In terms of the Good & Evil repress: there was a little bump in the road… Angel Hair Audio is remastering Good & Evil for vinyl, & was given an unmastered version of the album to use. As it turns out, a few minor tweaks to the album were made during the original mastering process in 2011, including adding whistling and flutes in Sacred Beast. These minor tweaks not being present in the unmastered version went undetected, and a version without the whistling made it onto the first vinyl test pressing. Hidden in the Sand Discord moderator, CatOnVenus, brought the error to Needlejuice’s attention, and a fixed version of the song including the whistling has now been acquired, and new test pressings have been ordered, approved, and were sold on the Needlejuice website for $100 a piece, and sold out within an hour and a half!

As for the other formats that Good & Evil is being pressed on, the CDs are now in hand at Needlejuice’s Headquarters and are now shipping!

In addition, the Cassettes for Good & Evil are currently in production.

November 1st is the 30th Anniversary of the Minidisc as a format, and to celebrate, Needlejuice are re-releasing Marvin’s on Minidisc, and, for the first time ever, Good & Evil will be made available on Minidisc, too:

Good & Evil will be available for the first time ever, on Minidisc!
Note: this is a mockup, and final product may differ

Pre orders go live at Needlejuicerecords.com on November 1st.

Article co-written by notfire, with additional help from the Hidden In The Sand Discord team.

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