Andrew Horowitz & Friends Live in Chicago 04/27/24

On April 27th, 2024, I lived out the dreams of Tally Hall and Edu fans across the world, and It was exactly as amazing as you’d think.

I flew out to Chicago all the way from Philadelphia to catch this show, and I am super glad that I did. Upon making my way into the venue, I heard Andrew, Ross, Bora, and Illicit Ghost sound checking, working on tunes like ‘Taken for a Ride‘ and ‘HEY YOU!‘ I was fortunate enough during this time to meet 3 amazing and lovely people who would become my concert buddies for the evening: Bella and her brother Frank, as well as another girl, Elise. I was also accompanied by my good friend Melody and her best friend Maddie. The 7 of us stuck together for the entirety of the night’s events, and I like to believe we form long lasting bonds with one another.

After meeting the talented Jukebox the Ghost, we were given access to the mainstage, where I was lucky enough to catch Ross Federman at an upper booth (Carter Altruda, too) and I was able to speak with them briefly. Ross was super cool about everything despite my rather shaky tone of voice due to the sheer amount of excitement I was feeling. We had a brief chat about the night’s events and how he was nervous about his first stage performance in 13 years, and after some positive conversation, and the promise of a setlist, I made my way downstairs.

Before the big performance, Andrew had come on stage to fetch something, which is where me and my group of friends had congregated, and we got to wave and cheer him on. After more waiting, and an improvised karaoke of “Welcome to Tally Hall” performed by the ultimate concert group, the lights dimmed down and the show started.

The show began when the magnificent Illicit Ghost walked onto stage and began singing the first number, a new song called “Good Morning, Mr. Butterfly”. Illicit Ghost accompanied Andrew, Ross, and Bora for the duration of the show, for songs both new and old. I feel that her contribution to the performance may have been undervalued by other fans/listeners, however I personally feel she meshed perfectly with the songs from ‘Sketches‘ and Tally Hall, and brought forth new and positive vibes to the existing songs. I very much look forward to hearing her vocals on new tracks with Andrew, and she was a delightful addition to a stellar cast.

Other songs continued as normal, with the members absolutely living it up on stage. New songs like ‘Monsters‘, ‘Fishes‘, ‘Worlds in my Head‘, and ‘Someone Will Be There‘ were a joy to hear for the first time, and were living proof that Andrew + Illicit Ghost were equally as good writers as they were performers (However, I’m certain we already knew this). Returning classics like ‘Taken for a Ride‘, ‘The Whole World and You‘, ‘Miss Melody‘ and ‘HEY YOU!‘ were crowd favorites and had everyone with a smile on their face. For seemingly the first time, a finished part of Fate of the Stars was also played, specifically part 3 featuring Andrew’s vocals. I won’t ever forget hearing that one live, it felt like a moment in history. Interestingly, Ben Thornewill of Jukebox the Ghost joined for some vocals on TFAR, and Ross provided an amazing drum breakdown in one of the new songs. During one of the songs, Andrew lost his glasses and the whole crowd had a laugh, another instance of the joy these artists bring to their performances. Lastly, Andrew announced that his new album would be released this year, and it was made in conjunction with Illicit Ghost, and I am beyond stoked to see what direction this goes in. If their songs from the performance were any indication, I’d say they knocked it outta the park.

The show ended to raving applause and as they left the stage, Ross had not forgotten his promise, and provided me with the setlist from the stage. Something I must note is that when everyone was packing up, Elise and I had called over to Bora, in order to get her fanart to him. It was then I flashed my CD copy of the Anthropomorphic Bible Assault EP to see what Bora would say. I think the reaction he had was absolutely priceless and on par with how I would’ve expected him to react. His eyes widened, he stuck his tongue out with a disgusted expression, then walked away, a hilarious way to react and something I will always remember.  The show was over, but that was only half the fun. I got to talk to the 4 of them over the course of the night, as well as to some other amazing individuals, but that means I did miss the Jukebox set, so Jukebox the Ghost if you are reading this, I apologize heavily.

I think it would be best to break down the rest of the events based on who they occurred with, since everything was all sprawled out. 

First, I’ll start with Bora Karaca. Bora seemed slightly apprehensive/introverted at first, but he warmed up to the fan reception pretty quickly. I got to speak with him on a variety of topics, including Cojum Dip, Miracle Musical, as well as him personally. I talked to him about ABA a little and he said that he burnt them for a live show in 2005, which answered a lot of my questions. In regards to Cojum Dip he told me quite a lot, and for his own privacy I will not share certain details unless he gives me permission to do so, but he told me he still has his Bodur Mask, and that he cooks great ethnic food. He is still actively working on tunes and has told me some about his writing process. Whatever he chooses to release, and whatever name he releases it under, I am very much looking forward to what he’s put together. 

Next, I talked to Ross Federman. Ross was very happy to talk with me, and was exactly how kind and respectful you would expect him to be. We talked about HITS, to which he thanked me for my contributions (which truly meant a lot to me). We talked about Miracle Musical also, and the prospect for a future interview to be conducted (which will be happening, hopefully soon!) as well as just a boatload of other things. Ross was absolutely a delight to talk with, I think if he didn’t have other people to see, then we would have talked for hours on end. I very much look forward to seeing him again the next time I have the chance to do so. Also Ross, if you’re reading this, thank you for the drumstick!!

After that, I spoke with Andrew Horowitz and Illicit Ghost. Illicit Ghost by far was one of the sweetest people I have ever spoken with. We had talked about the show, and about the traveling I had done to make it there. She was super interested in hearing about my journey, and offered uplifting moral support on my dreams in regards to HITS and my own record store. I raved to her about her contributions to the performance as well as expressed great interest in hearing all of what’s to come. I cannot wait to talk to her again, which will hopefully be soon! Andrew was super polite and sweet, and really let me yap my ear off to him about everything. He too was appreciative of my HITS work and was happy to know that he inspired my musical journey. We too talked about the show as well as Tally Hall, among other things. He was super lenient about telling me stuff about PartyBoobytrap and 1-1, as well as other tally hall related questions I had. Both he and Illicit Ghost agreed to let me conduct an interview for the new album, that will be released leading up to the new album. All in all, both were extremely pleasant to talk to, I look forward to talking to them again. Andrew, if you’re reading this, don’t forget our promise!! And Illicit Ghost if you are reading this, Keep on slaying up there, you’re doing great :)!!! 

I also got the pleasure of meeting Frankie Cordero, the director of The Whole World and You Music Video. Frankie was also a delight to talk to, alongside his wife Marea. He expressed great joy in hearing TWWAY live and we discussed the behind the scenes process of the video. It was a pleasure to meet him, and he too agreed to an interview on the process of that video. Stay Tuned! Frankie, if you’re reading this, I extend my sincerest gratitude to you and your wife, It was a pleasure to meet you both!

I spent the other bits and pieces of the evening talking with friends, nerding out, buying all the sketches CDs…oops. The night was absolutely unforgettable and was like a living dream to me. I formed new friendships, as well as promising relationships with both members of my favorite band, as well as other amazing and talented individuals. I hope those relationships continue to blossom and pave the way for more new opportunities just like this one. 

One thing I wanted to note separately is that both Andrew and Ross expressed missing Coz when I brought him up, and I was thinking about Coz nearly the whole time. It is with his website,, that eventually led me to that night, and it was his hard work that paved the way for all of my experiences with Tally Hall. I would like to extend my greatest thanks and my sincerest gratitude towards Coz. His life’s work has given my life meaning, and I will continue to serve HITS until the end of time. Coz, this one’s for you my friend, may you continue to rest in peace.  

To wrap things up, I did catch Ben Thornewill at the bar before I left, and got a couple signatures and good words in with him. I additionally bumped into Bora outside before making my way to the train station. I spent the next 14 hours wide awake at the airport just thinking about the night’s events and all the positivity I was feeling.

I made it home safe and I carefully displayed some of the many things I had the members sign for me (and trust me, it was a lot, and I am super thankful for that)  

I would consider the 4/27/24 Edu + Friends performance a blowout hit, and I eagerly await the subsequent 2 performances. 

Until next time, stay green, and keep your hummingbirds close. 

-Ruby Red

6 thoughts on “Andrew Horowitz & Friends Live in Chicago 04/27/24

  • May 6, 2024 at 6:10 pm

    ruby is the seventh member of the band frfr

  • May 7, 2024 at 12:27 pm

    This is so awesome, thanks for sharing!! I wonder if there’ll be any special guests tomorrow in DC too :]

  • May 8, 2024 at 9:13 am

    meeting ross andrew and bora all in one night mustve been a dream, cant wait for the interview about the new album.

  • May 9, 2024 at 10:27 am

    Sounds like a really fun time! Hope I’ll be able to go see them someday!

  • May 9, 2024 at 12:38 pm

    i am going to sob i want to meet andy

  • May 17, 2024 at 9:26 am

    Oml that sounds so fun! Glad everyone had fun! Hope I can make it to the next one!!


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