Rob Cantor’s Disney Journey

There hasn’t been an update to the Rob Cantor tag on Hidden In The Sand since 2015!! And today, we will rectify that. Join me, as I bring you up to speed with what’s been going on with our favourite yellow tied guy:

In 2014 Rob Cantor released his solo album “Not A Trampoline, and went viral numerous times, with his video for Perfect‘: which, currently has 19 million views. As well as the iconic song about a murderous, cannibalistic Shia LaBeouf, which has amassed 77 million views at time of writing.

In 2016, Rob wrote and performed a song/advert for Intel entitled Nobody Else Quite Like You, which was a sweet ditty about human individuality, and an advertisement for cyber security. To date, it is the most recent upload to Rob’s YouTube channel. But that doesn’t mean he’s hasn’t been making music since then, oh no.

He’s been constantly & prolifically releasing music for Disney & Disney Junior!

It’s not too far from left-field, as Tally Hall have worked for Disney before, In 2007 – 2008, Tally Hall composed songs and music for Happy Monster Band:

But that’s just the start!
Lets go deeper down the Rob Cantor Disney iceberg…

Starting with the works on Disney Jr:

Goldie And Bear

In 2015, Rob Cantor worked as a musician and composer for the Disney Jr TV show: Goldie & Bear, a show based around the tale of Goldielocks and the 3 bears.

The show ran from 2015 – 2018 and Rob worked as a musician and composer, even helping compose the title theme song. Rob worked on this show alongside Greg Nicolett, and Gregory James Jenkins (AKA: Gregtronic):

Amazingly, the title theme is also on Spotify:

(Listed as an instrumental, it isn’t! The vocals are present, just buried in the mix)

Rob composed the music and lyrics for songs that were featured in the show including “We Wanna Be Like You“ and “Big Wide World Is New“. Rob writes the music for these, but doesn’t feature as a vocalist, himself.

But if you want more of Rob’s sweet vocal melodies, then check out the next project:

Disney Jr Music

Rob has recorded and released a whole bunch of songs for Disney Jr Music, which are currently categorised into 4 different series’:

Nursery Rhymes

In 2017, Rob started working on music for Nursery Rhymes on Disney Junior Music, wherein Rob interpolates music and melodies from traditional nursery rhymes, and puts an original spin on them; lending his voice and instrumentation to catchy tunes for children.

An album of these Nursery Rhymes was released to streaming services titled: Disney Junior Music Nursery Rhymes Vol. 1“ with Rob Cantor’s songs featured alongside Genevieve Goings, who also makes music for Disney Music Jr.

2017’s Vol. 1 contains the obvious traditional nursery rhymes for children, including “Five Little Monkeys”, One, Two Buckle My Shoe”, and Row, Row, Row Your Boat”.

And it didn’t stop there! 2018 saw the release of Nursery Rhymes Vol. 2, Vol.3, and Vol.4, with Vol. 5 being released in 2019.

Holiday Classics

2018 also saw the release of an EP consisting of traditional holiday music, with Rob singing 3 holiday classic songs: “Jingle Bells“, “The Twelve Days of Christmas“, and (my personal favourite) “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel“.


The “Lullabies“series of releases are instrumental lullabies of Disney Jr songs, theme shows, and traditional melodies, all arranged by Rob Cantor.
Lullabies Vol. 1“ and Lullabies Vol. 2“ were released in 2019, and feature lullaby renditions of Going on a Mission“ from Puppy Dog Pals, The “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme“, as well as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Ready for Preschool

A new series of Disney Jr. Music releases called “Ready For Preschool“, debuted in 2019; different to the previous traditional Nursery Rhymes series, these songs are original compositions with Rob’s contributions presumably penned by himself. 

 “Ready for Preschool Vol.1“ features 2 songs with Rob Cantor: “Sh-Sh-Sh-Shapes“ and “Seasons“

Since then there have been a steady stream of “Ready for Preschool“ releases from Cantor and Genevieve. With Vol.1 & Vol.2 being released in 2019, and Vol. 3 & Vol.4 released in 2020, and most recently, Vol. 5, Vol.6, Vol.7, and Vol.8 were released in 2021! To date, Ready for Preschool Vol. 8 is the most recent Rob Cantor release.

T.O.T.S. (Tiny Ones Transport Service)

In 2019 Rob announced on Twitter and Instagram that he’d been writing music and lyrics for a new Disney series called T.O.T.S. which stands for Tiny Ones Transport Service. A show about animals taking care of baby animals, who are nursed before being delivered to their families. Rob writes the music and lyrics, alongside his previous Goldie & Bear musical colleagues: Greg Nicolett and Gregory James Jenkins (AKA: Gregtronic). No Rob vocals to be found on this release though.

T.O.T.S. (Vol.1)

T.O.T.S. (Vol.2)

As of publication, T.O.T.S. Season 3 is currectly airing right now, so keep an eye out for if/when the T.O.T.S. Vol. 3 soundtrack drops.

The Ghost And Molly McGee

Cantor’s most recent project is working on the music for Disney’s The Ghost and Molly McGee, note: this is not a Disney Jr venture! Featuring such rich voice acting cast-names like Ashley Burch, (Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn & Horizon: Forbidden west) John DiMaggio, (Bender from Futurama, Jake The Dog from Adventure Time) & Kelsey Grammar (Frasier Crane from Frasier, Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons). Rob doesn’t sing the songs on this one, so none of Rob’s vocal talents on these songs, i’m afraid, but you can still appreciate the heterophonic tunes that our man writes.

Edit: A brief snippet of Rob’s vocal performances for The Ghost and Molly McGee can be heard on this Animatic Song Mega Mix of the show from 2020, showcasing earlier versions of the songs and animations. Thanks to user LemonBattery for making me aware of this!

That just about brings us up to speed to Rob Cantor’s Disney movements! He did do a couple other musical works here and there for other films and TV shows, but for now it seems his main moneymaker is making music for the mouse.

(Thumbnail art by Ashton Cestone)

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