09.15.06 Madison, WI

So after the concert, I cornered Zubin and gave him his birthday gift. For Zubin: A game of Old Maid. He was touched and thankful and it was his first birthday present of the year. Then I gave Joe his birthday present: a game of Go Fish (educator approved!). Joe was equally touched, and conspired with Zubin on how to best use their new card games for good. Decision: POSSIBLE VIDEO SOON. I was ecstatic.

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An Entire Concert Experience at The Echo 7/27 – by Justin

We got in the car and drove. we never saw the venue, but we saw the van, and as we were crossing the street, who’d we see?


so we asked him where we can go park. he told us. he was wearing a man made “Seconds tick like boulders” shirt. it was cool.

we were like, 2 hours early, so we casually walked in and who was sitting there!? tally hall.

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they stood still
expressionless for 28 minutes
Joe didn’t blink for 5 minutes
I was very concerned
he couldn’t see
he cries
it’s unhealthy to do that
when he blinks all of the THTOSers and others cheer
Joe enjoys a few good long blinks
later goes over, stands behind Zubin
makes an incredibly strange yet hilarious face

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Ibram’s Wall Party ’06 Transcript

Minutes later, they launched into their 12-song acoustic set, which included the first-ever acoustic rendition of “Welcome to Tally Hall”. When the band first slapped the vibraslap, my sister and her friends cried out “HENRY!” bringing the show to a pause. Somehow the vibraslap ended up being named Henry, and the band incorporated Henry into every song, rousing cry after cry of “HENRY! HENRY!” As they started into their last song, the band invited me up onto their “stage” to play Henry.

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