Could you tell me the etymology of the songs on MMMM?

All the songs on Marvin’s except for Haiku are redone versions of older songs. Here’s the etymology of Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum’s tunes:

Good Day 
Originally on the “Party Boobytrap EP”, then moved to “Complete Demos” unmodified. Apart from the orchestration, there were no major changes when updated for MMMM.

Also from “Party Boobytrap EP” and “Complete Demos.” When moved to MMMM, the “tissues get used” verse was removed.

Welcome to Tally Hall 
Originally from the “Welcome to Tally Hall EP” and moved to “Complete Demos.” When moved to MMMM, there were some slight word changes, such as “homophonic” to “heterophonic.” The intro and outro are new, and the opening notes of the song were originally not NES-sounding.  Live versions of Welcome to Tally Hall in the very, very early days had completely different lyrics at the Zubin verse than they do now. The lyrics were redone just before the recording for Complete Demos. The original version listed the band members by name, including Steve Gallagher, who left.

Taken for a Ride 
Originally from the “Pingry EP”. Changes when moved to Marvin’s include synthesizing Andrew’s voice, and including orchestration…the original version was acoustic and done with only vocals and piano.

The Bidding 
Also from Pingry, but not acoustic. This song, like Good Day, changed very little in its transition to MMMM.

Be Born
Originally from Pingry, this track was also acoustic and used only vocals, guitar, and the melodica. There was a minor lyrical change to make the song flow easier about half-way through, however apart from additional orchestration this song experienced little change.

Banana Man 
Uniquely, this song appeared on both “Party Boobytrap EP” and “Welcome to Tally Hall EP” before being moved to “Complete Demos.” A verse which consisted only of whistling was removed, the verse AFTER the whistling was removed, and some minor lyrical changes ocurred in the transfer to Marvin’s, in additional to re-orchestration.

Just Apathy 
Originally from the “Welcome to Tally Hall EP” before moving to “Complete Demos.” In its transition to Marvin’s, a line at the beginning of the song was redone to omit a curse word. Apart from this, lyrics, and even orchestration, were very similar, though the song’s tempo was increased from its noteably slower predacessor.

Spring and a Storm 
Originally an unreleased demo only available by sifting through Google’s cache for one of Tally Hall’s online song depositories. Orchestration, voices at the “Mr. Moon” verse, and the lyrics of that verse were completely changed. The “whether ever a heaven or hell” was changed to “Or wherever you were before you were,” etc.

Two Wuv 
Originally from “Welcome to Tally Hall EP” and moved to “Complete Demos.” The telephone call verse was originally a dialogue explaining the origin of the song. Apart from this, and orchestration, the Marvin’s version differed very little.  The original version didn’t fade out, though.

Brand spankin’ new. It’s possible that some Tally Hall insiders knew of it before its release, but no public performance or available recording exists to suggest that, prior to Marvin’s, this song existed anywhere outside Tally Hall’s practice or recording sessions.

The Whole World and You 
The first Tally Hall recording is from “Pingry EP,” though prior to that it was a song composed by Andrew and performed by “Toy Orchestra.” That version of the song is still available for download through Toy Orchestra’s webpage ( The orchestration was modified, however no noteable lyrical changes ocurred; sotries remain sotries.

Ruler of Everything 
Originally from “Party Boobytrap” and moved to “Complete Demos.” A newer version, modified by Joe, was placed on the internet with few major changes apart from additional sound effects. The Marvin’s version added the “In the gallows” verse and, in turn, removed the “Number your thumb” verse. The orchestration of this song was completely different, and the lead-up by 13 was a convention made specifically for the Marvin’s version.

Hidden in the Sand 
This was a secret track on both “Complete Demos” and MMMM. Its move from “Complete Demos” to MMMM was marked only by additional background sound. No lyrical changes or orchestration changes ocurred.

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