Is Tally Hall feuding with Ludo?

Ludo has been very outspoken of their hatred towards Tally Hall (whom, I might add, remains the “better man” in this fight and hasn’t made any public statement about Ludo in any way). But no one really knew why.

So, Tally Hall forumer “Mallies” recently ran into Ludo bandmember Tim Convy after a Ludo show and she asked him why her two favorite bands hate each other.

“I asked him why Ludo and Tally Hall, my favorite two bands in the whole world, had to be feuding. He said it was a long story and that they were the devil. But being the former policy debater I am, I demanded good reasons.

Here are the two main reasons why Ludo hates Tally Hall:
Convy claims that Tally Hall stole the ties idea from them! (How scandalous!)  But my favorite part was when Convy began telling me about how three members of Tally Hall used to be in Ludo (back in its glory 8-member days) but were stolen from them by Joe… using his dark evil Tally Hall magic. Apparently, Andrew, Rob, and Zubin are former members of Ludo. I learn something new every day! 🙂

These outlandish stories coupled with him being nice to Amber and I despite us having interrupted his getting food, capped off my very awesome night.”

Thanks, Mallies!  Now we know.

Fun Fact: The members of Tally Hall are in the Ludo Video Thing Episode 13. (

In December of 2018, during a Reddit AMA, the subject was brought up again and Ross replied “They’re jerks.


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