What are the spanish words in Flamingo?

I reached out to the man who spoke them, Andrew Laurich, and his response was: “The keys to the kingdom are locked up somewhere in some e-mail exchange between young Cantor and myself. But consider that what’s important is less what is said than how it is said.”

Meanwhile, fan Ryan Speakman offered this interpretation:

Ok, I can’t really hear the first half because it is Really unclear and there is one word I am not really sure about it, but here is what the last half says: Words in braces could be wrong Spanish:
“[All] moves
Never above and can never be
Here it is with nothing to say
Your brothers, [and wicked] they want to hear
Dreams are welcome
Flamingo Pink and black
[Nothing] moves
Never above and it can’t
Here it is with nothing to say
Your brothers [and the bad (or wicked)]
Want to listen
Dreams make it happy
Flamingo Pink and black.”

It is pretty rough and if someone can get a clearer audio of just the Spanish part, I could probably do a better job.

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