What are the spanish words in Flamingo?

I reached out to the man who spoke them, Andrew Laurich, and his response was: “The keys to the kingdom are locked up somewhere in some email exchange between young Cantor and myself. But consider that what’s important is less what is said than how it is said.”

Meanwhile, fan Ryan Speakman offered this interpretation:

Ok, I can’t really hear the first half because it is Really unclear and there is one word I am not really sure about it, but here is what the last half says: Words in braces could be wrong Spanish:

“[All] moves
Never above and can never be
Here it is with nothing to say
Your brothers, [and wicked] they want to hear
Dreams are welcome
Flamingo Pink and black
[Nothing] moves
Never above and it can’t
Here it is with nothing to say
Your brothers [and the bad (or wicked)]
Want to listen
Dreams make it happy
Flamingo Pink and black.”

It is pretty rough and if someone can get a clearer audio of just the Spanish part, I could probably do a better job.


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