What happened to Tally Hall? Did they break up?

Tally Hall has not broken up. They’ve not even officially made any sort of announcement saying what their current status is, but I personally feel the best way to describe their status is “on hiatus.” They’re all doing their own things, if you haven’t noticed, and I think that’s a great way for them all to better discover their individual strengths.  Then, when and if they begin writing together again, things could get great.

Andrew has stayed in the music business; writing solo under the moniker “edu” as well as being a studio musician for such acts as John Legend & Blake Charleton.  In addition to putting out an album called “sketches” in 2012, his work as a songwriter and instrumentalist on John Legend’s album “Love In The Future” earned Mr. Legend a Grammy nomination.  You can find him playing small solo shows around the Brooklyn area.  Andrew contributed to Rob’s solo album, too.  Andrew plans on releasing a follow-up to “sketches” in the future.

Joe has been back at school, actually, living in the southern half of the states. But that didn’t stop his musical endeavors.  He put together “Hawaii: Part II” in 2012 (with Zubin, Ross, and Rob), which is a fantastic album that allowed him to dump out a lot of music he’s had in his head for years. In 2014, Joe released “Hawaii: Part II, part ii” which provided fans with outtakes and demos of the original album.  The same year, a video game was created, based on “Labyrinth”, one of the album’s songs.

Rob has probably been the most visible member since Tally Hall’s last album. He’s made his living as a songwriter in Los Angeles and has saw success writing fun, little songs on the side (see: Shia Labeouf, Christian Bale Is At Your Party).  In April 2014, he released his debut solo album, “Not A Trampoline” which was warmly embraced by fans of Tally Hall.  He’s been releasing some very creative music videos, including one for the song “Perfect”, otherwise known as “29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song” which went viral and garnered an astounding 5 million views on YouTube in 4 days )now over 10 million). The video was then revealed to be an elaborate hoax by way of another video, which also went viral.  Rob was able to top this in October 2014 with the release of “Shia LaBeouf Live“, which was incredibly successful, and was hailed by the likes of Jimmy Kimmell and Rainn Wilson, who called it “THE GREATEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME“. Joss Whedon said: “All art will now be measured by this great work.

Ross & Zubin also went back to school and though Ross continues to pop up here and there as a producer, percussionist, and DJ as “Mr. F“. His main focus has been school. He graduated from UofM with a 4.0 science GPA and is attending Yale for grad school.

Zubin’s also focusing on school and aside from appearing on Hawaii: Part II, has not done much of anything in the way of music in the last few years.

But the question you want to know is, will they ever come back together as “Tally Hall”? In the opinion of this humble Tally Hall Fan Headquarters moderator: Yes, eventually, but with not as much push so they can keep their full-time jobs. It will be a casual thing. They were kids when they put their lives on hold the first time. They could afford to do it then. Now they’re adults and making the band a full-time thing is a much bigger risk.

In February 2014, Andrew said “There have been talks of a new record for a long time… We’ve got a ton of material in the vault, lots of new tunes, but we’re all doing our own thing now. Rob (Cantor) has a solo record coming out this year, and I worked on couple of tracks for that. Joe (Hawley) is in a writing phase for some potential Tally Hall tunes. So it’s on our minds, but everybody’s going their own way for the moment.”

So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if they recorded some things together here and there, perhaps remotely. Think in terms of what they did for Hawaii: Part II. Touring is a whole other monster. That will mean getting vacation time from work and school timed right for everyone.

Again, these are all my own educational guesses based on the impressions I get from them and applying my own knowledge of trying to be in a band while working full-time. I could be completely wrong. But if you’re getting frustrated because you are waiting for them to put out new music, relax. Don’t hold your breathe any longer. Enjoy what the members are doing outside of Tally Hall and hope for the best.


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