What’s the Pingry EP?

The Pingry EP is a collection of live, acoustic, and one-take performance demos released by Tally Hall in April 2005. Originally, they were recorded to have something to give record companies, in addition to the Complete Demos, to show what other songs they’ve been working on.

It was named after The Pingry School in New Jersey, where Andrew went to high school.  Tally Hall had been a staple band at the annual Pingry School Spring Fling concert for a few years but hasn’t been back since 2005 where they officially released the EP to the public.

The Pingry EP was distributed in standard white paper CD envelopes, the kind with a transparent, round window on the front.  Inside was the CD-R plus a B&W photocopied insert with the track listing and liner notes.

Image of disc
Image of insert

Comment on old FAQ: They first came to Pingry even before the ties, I think in 2003. (I was at Pingry two years behind Andrew.) They were opening for some band no one remembers and in subsequent years were properly placed as the main act. I specifically remember “Good Day” and “Ruler of Everything.” The Pingry EP came their third year at Spring Fling I believe. We may have been among the first outside Michigan to be exposed to the wonkiness. Pingry remains a strong Tally Hall-ic base. When they played it was one of the only reasons many of us would go back and it’s amazing to see them now in New York and all over.


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