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Full question:
“Do you have any idea where they filmed Two Wuv? At least the creepy funhouse part? Because MAN that place is creepy. And I am curious about it.”

I’m happy to announce that The Tally Hallmanac now exclusively holds just about all the information you need about the brilliant music video for Two Wuv (AKA The 6th Episode of Tally Hall’s Internet Show “Mary Kate & Ashley”)


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This will depend on what you’re looking for.  But I wanted to make this FAQ entry to try and cover all bases.

Often times, they may take down a video for any reason they want; but I’m guessing it’s usually because they don’t think it’s good enough to be seen anymore.

In May 2010, their YouTube page was hacked and almost ALL videos were deleted.  This included all the Boralogues, singles from Tally Hall’s Internet Show, random sketches, and music videos.  They used this as an opportunity to re-upload in higher-resolution formats and organize things better, too.

At the time of writing this entry on 5/28/10, all the singles from T.H.I.S. were back up as well as the videos for Banana Man, Good Day, Greener, Dream, Two Wuv, and The Whole World And You (which did NOT get deleted during the hack). For the first time, Banana Man could be seen in 480p (hey, it’s better than what it was…). Other videos that were spared in the hack were the NYC series, AESTAVALIA, and Misfortune.

Perhaps you’re looking for videos from 2005 or before?  If so, many of them were taken offline at some point and then the originals were wiped out during a hard drive crash Joe suffered… so they’ll never be seen again, most likely.

You can find a list of videos Tally Hall has had up over the years on the Tally Hallmanac:
(feel free to add to it if you see something missing!)

Also, some older videos were captured and re-uploaded by a fan over here:

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I knew who Bora was, but Trevelyn posed a question I had not ever thought about before.  How did Bora become who he is, in regards to Tally Hall?

So I asked the man himself, Bora Karaca, and this was a good majority of his response:

“The short answer is I am Tally Hall’s mascot.

I heard about Tally Hall when I was a… freshmen in college? My dad went to medical school with Dr. B, who is in a group practice with Dr. Cantor, Bobby’s dad. Dr. B told me Bobby started a band and he couldn’t get over the fact that he called it “Tally Hall”, the name of our Michigan Disneyland. It was just a lame strip mall with delicious greasy pizza and Marvelous Marvin’s in the corner, but as children there was no better place.

What? I went to a show, I loved it, and formally met Bobby and Hawls (very nice people). I wanted a signed CD, so I invited Bob to a mixing session I was doing. He was wearing a black fleece and those torn jeans with experience. We had a long chat and I enjoyed his rapport.

Party is Bora +1.

The Complete Demos he gave me had his signature above his picture, in silver sharpie. I approached J-dawg next, anticipating completion of all the autographs. This was my first proper conversation with him, and we had a long talk about recording the album, and I suggested ways to improve his recording abilities. It was clear that we were cut from the same cloth.

Joe has joined your party!

Andy Witz may have walked up the stairs at that point, where I properly introduced myself. He was very shy and did not join the party. I went to every show of theirs afterward, where I met Zhub after a Live @ Leo’s gig, and R-sky and Hutch after a Michigan Union gig (he seemed completely uninterested in me). I don’t really remember details, but I think I just obnoxiously offered help at shows, and as a recording engineer.

So umm….what? Josephine asked if I was interested in recording the band’s HOT NEW SINGLE, “The Bidding”, so I did. They must have decided I wasn’t completely incompetent, so we recorded some new demos in a Music School classroom. Or did the Bidding recording come after that? Maybe you should…look that up. That eventually became the Pingry EP? I don’t have it so I don’t know.

I was axed to help at various blind pig shows, and eventually some random…out-of-state shows. And then they asked me to come on tour with them several times*. Those were fun.”

*He went on tour with them as the band’s roadie.

Now, Bora can be found in Los Angeles engineering sound and has regular appearances on Tally Hall’s Internet Show. Bora is also a founding member of the now-on-indefinite-hiatus, Ann Arbor based, Metal/Jazz/Experimental band “Cojum Dip

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anonyMous was a comedy troupe that Joe was a part of (possibly was the founder of) while attending U of M.  Rob was also a member, as well as a couple other friendly faces we see scattered around Tally Hall’s videos.

In fact, many of Tally Hall’s earlier videos were actually taken from a movie called Sargasm, which if I remember correctly, was a compilation of many different anonyMous sketches… not unlike Tally Hall’s Internet Show.

Most people become familiar with anonyMous after watching the music video for Break It Down, which is often credited to Tally Hall, even though it technically is not a Tally Hall song.*

*In 2006 Tally Hall did rewrite this song, adding in a chorus and basically made it into a standard pop song. They played it a couple times, but it quickly disappeared from their set.  No word on if it will reappear but it does seem to be a favorite amongst Tally Hall fans.

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Full question: I was watching episode 6 of Tally Hall’s Internet Show (the one about Mary Kate and Ashley) and I heard a catchy little song during the scene where they’re driving down the road in their van. I was wondering if you guys know what the name of that song was, who it’s by, or if it’s a Tally Hall piece.

Boy, this song is piquing the interests of many Tally Hall fans! Not surprising, though, due to the many similarities in this song and Tally Hall’s songs.
It’s not Tally Hall, however. It’s a song called Various Kitchen Utensils by the band Skybox. (http://www.myspace.com/skybox)

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This is news to me… unless you meant this 2007 Los Angeles Animation Festival contest which provided professional footage of themselves singing for which contestants can take it, edit it and add animation, then submit it.

http://www.kachew.com/clients/rockinanimation/tallyhall.html (link dead)
Some details provided here, though: http://www.asifa-hollywood.org/labels/laaf.html 

Unfortunately, it seems the winner’s videos were never posted… so only time will tell how the contest ended.

* UPDATE:  There’s still never been any word on the winner or their final video, but the raw footage has been posted on HITS Galleries: http://www.hiddeninthesand.com/gallery/v/video/takenforaride_raw.html

*UPDATE 2: The entire video has surfaced! But the creator has decided to edit it back to an excerpt for some reason. So here’s where the link is: http://vimeo.com/49273234

*UPDATE 3: The video has been found and uploaded to YouTube

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Full question:
“In the Tally Hall video, “whoops,” why is the joerilla in the bathroom so embarrassed when his pants drop to the floor given that 1) the other gorilla is totally naked, but isn’t at embarrassed and 2) gorillas don’t wear pants. Also, if the first joerilla is so embarrassed about being seen naked, why doesn’t he respond to the not one, but TWO series of knocks on the bathroom door, which were clearly done to give anybody/anything inside the opportunity to let the knocker know the bathroom was occupied?”

Well of course the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side.

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Technically, it’s Andrew. You can see this in the video entitled “Sorry, Al!” when Rob pops up from behind the coffee table and exclaims “Oh my god! Where’s Colonel Popcorn?!” and the camera pans out the window of the apartment to the rooftop of a nearby building. Andrew starts running around frantically, hiding from who-knows-what. The origins of Colonel Popcorn are unknown.

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It’s theirs. Directed by Joe (red tie), Banana Man was originally made as an assignment for school. Once it hit the ‘net, though, it quickly became one of the biggest reasons for Tally Hall’s internet fame.

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