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After it was asked through the HITS Formspring I got really curious as to what the deal is with all of that stuff.  So I went to Tally Hall’s manager at The Hornblow Group and asked about it. His answer couldn’t have done a better job explaining it so I will quote him here:

“If it were easy to license your music to Rock Band, Guitar Hero, etc. Tally Hall would have done it.

However, there are many factors at play on the business end (e.g. sales estimates by the company, cost to license the song, cost to create/program the song, how familiar they believe gamers are with the artist).  In cases where they don’t come to the band, it’s a matter of the label (Atlantic) or publisher (Tally Hall) getting strong on them.

Hornblow has licensed tracks for other artists for games of that sort, and believe you me the amount they pay isn’t much, nor does the exposure amount to much.  But that isn’t to say the band would decline if ever offered.”

I have also been informed by a fan through Twitter of a thing called The Rock Band Network.  Harmonix sends a kit to the artist who then maps their songs for the game.  I’m guessing this could at least get their songs available for purchase through the game’s online store, but not part of the game’s official track list (better than nothing, though!).  Plus, with all the business side of things we just learned about, it might be easier for indie bands than it is for signed bands to do such a thing.

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In an interview with hiddeninthesand.com, Joe talks about how they’re brainstorming ideas and formats for the successor to the Internet Show.  The way it’s worded makes me think they’re not thinking in terms of just “the internet” being the medium for the next show.  We shall see.

Surely, at some point in the future they hope to be able to do it.  Just how it’s done remains to be seen.  At the very least, as long as they’re a band, I can’t see them not ever putting out more funny videos for our amusement.

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Ludo has been very outspoken of their hatred towards Tally Hall (whom, I might add, remains the “better man” in this fight and hasn’t made any public statement about Ludo in any way). But no one really knew why.

So, Tally Hall forumer “Mallies” recently ran into Ludo bandmember Tim Convy after a Ludo show and she asked him why her two favorite bands hate each other.

“I asked him why Ludo and Tally Hall, my favorite two bands in the whole world, had to be feuding. He said it was a long story and that they were the devil. But being the former policy debater I am, I demanded good reasons.

Here are the two main reasons why Ludo hates Tally Hall:
Convy claims that Tally Hall stole the ties idea from them! (How scandalous!)  But my favorite part was when Convy began telling me about how three members of Tally Hall used to be in Ludo (back in its glory 8-member days) but were stolen from them by Joe… using his dark evil Tally Hall magic. Apparently, Andrew, Rob, and Zubin are former members of Ludo. I learn something new every day! 🙂

These outlandish stories coupled with him being nice to Amber and I despite us having interrupted his getting food, capped off my very awesome night.”

Thanks, Mallies!  Now we know.

Fun Fact: The members of Tally Hall are in the Ludo Video Thing Episode 13. (http://youtube.com/watch?v=7EsRChKP5MQ)

In December of 2018, during a Reddit AMA, the subject was brought up again and Ross replied “They’re jerks.

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There has only been one show I’ve known Tally Hall to deny the audience the right to bring cameras/videocameras into a venue.  I would imagine they will excercise that right now and then, but it’s impossible to know when.

If you’re referring to professionally mic’ing the venue or patching into the board and recording the audio directly from there, you’ll have to ask the venue and most likely check with Tally Hall’s management, too.

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There’s lots of great ringtones on HITS Galleries, in the Audio section.

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There’s a couple points I’d like to make about this.

First off, questions about Tally Hall merchandise (past, present, and future) can most likely only be answered by the band or someone involved in the Tally Hall camp.  You can contact them through their website at www.tallyhall.com.

That said, I can tell you that Tally Hall makes great efforts to always stay fresh and new with everything they do.  If they feel that design has run its course, then I guarantee another new and clever design will be replacing it.  Their latest batch of shirts seemed to dwindle short as their tour was running down so perhaps they tried to order accordingly and ran out of some things earlier than others.  It’s possible they may bring it back but I believe they have also been working on new designs, too.

If you want a design back, flood the band with requests for it!  (One per person, please.  They get a ton of email already.)

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The song you heard was probably either a cover song (Tally Hall has gone off on limbs such as “Blinded by the Light”, “You’re Just What I Needed”, “Praise You” and “Just A Friend”) or a public test of a preliminary version of a song. In fact, there are even lyric sheets to one such song which, confirmed by Andrew, was performed once prior to Tally Hall forming, and then never used again. Tally Hall reserves their albums for only the best songs.

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Here is a key to what the most well-known words of the Tally Hall community (forums) mean…

Key to key:
Word / part of speech / Definition / sample sentence / Creator of word

Cawezome adj. As awesome as Coz. You are going to live with Tally Hall? That’s cawezome! Jennie

Hawesome adj. As awesome as Joe Hawley. That Banana Man video is hawesome. Jennie (and others)

Chawesome adj. As awesome as Coz and Joe Hawley combined. YOU’RE MARRYING ROB?! THAT’S FREAKING CHAWESOME! Jennie (and others)

Surdoz adj. Dirty beyond the stature of Coz. Put Jennie and Joanne in Michigan for a week and you’re bound to get a surdoz result. Jennie and Joanne

Zubin n. The sexiest thing known to mankind. He is definately a Zubin. Unknown

Rubindrosoe n. 1. All of the talligans. 2. Heh heh heh… I want the shirt for Rubindrosoe. Jennie

Talligans n. The members of Tally Hall. I ran into the Talligans at a Borders once… Jennie

Halligans n. The fans of Tally Hall. Us halligans are some cool cats! Jennie

Coz 1.n. A very lucky man. He won the lottery? What a coz! 2.adj. Dirty. Mr. Moon is quite coz. Jennie and Joanne

PIE n. The era of the forums before the Super-City-State of Insanity was founded by Jennie and Sputnik. (Pre Insanity Era) I think Oliver really likes the PIE. Jennie

MIME n. The era of the forums during the hype of Insanity and MMMM. (Mid-Insanity/Marvins Era) The MIME was known for its Revs. Jennie

Rev n. A giant surge in posting, a revolution. The JS Rev was the first of the craze. Jennie and Sputnik

PIMP n. The era of the forums after Insanity died down, people became conscious of their post counts, and people started talking about new Tally material to present. (Post-Insanity/Marvins to Present) This post right here- this is PIMP. Jennie

Wordennie n. The fact that Jennie makes up a lot of words. This post is here because of wordennie. Jennie? NAH.
More information: http://www.tallyhall.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=20656#20656

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