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Google Friend Connect

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:05 pm
by fc_Coz
You may have noticed the implementation of Google's FriendConnect on the front page a few months ago.
It's part of the universal/open login world.

I've changed the front page gadget to be a rating/comment area and moved the main login area to the bottom of the front page.

[rc]BUT. Here is the thing![/rc]
Google FriendConnect will allow universal login to these very forums.
I'm posting from my Google account, in fact. I logged in using the "Google FriendConnect Sign In" button, it makes my forum username fc_Coz (friend connect - Coz) -- and the password I type into the forum is my Google account's password.

No registration needed if you have a Google/Aim/OpenID.

But the thing only works in this default theme. I'm working on getting it to work in the normal HITS Forums theme soon so you can do it too. However I dont think there's a way yet to link your current username to your Google account, so if youre already registered you might as well not ever login using FriendConnect.

This universal login will also be implemented into the HITS GroupieJournals (soon to be known as The Fan Journals or something other than GroupieJournals) and HITS News to allow for easy commenting and/or posting. I always hated forcing people to create new names/passwords for each section of the site. Google is now helping to bring them all together.

Re: Google Friend Connect

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:32 pm
by fc_Coz
To explain that one part about the forums a little better....

I have to switch the whole forums back to that generic, blue, uncustomized default theme in order to use the Google login. It's currently not available when using this sand-colored "ubuntu" theme, as it's called.

But I'm working on making it available for this theme... hopefully sooner than later.