Tally Hall’s Summer 2011 Tour

Edit – 5/12/11 @ 6:35pm: Tally Hall has announced their full schedule for the summer 2011 tour entitled The Good

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Tally Hall’s 2009 Winter Tour

Update: The dates keep slowly trickling in. I’m adding a “NEW” next to the most recently added dates. It’s my

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An Entire Concert Experience at The Echo 7/27 – by Justin

We got in the car and drove. we never saw the venue, but we saw the van, and as we were crossing the street, who’d we see?


so we asked him where we can go park. he told us. he was wearing a man made “Seconds tick like boulders” shirt. it was cool.

we were like, 2 hours early, so we casually walked in and who was sitting there!? tally hall.

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