Tally Hall’s Collaborative New Song — For A Book

Back on August 12th, I tweeted that Andrew had reported a new song will be released this fall.

Not long after, discussion on the band’s forum began to erupt and speculation ensued. At the time I wrote about how I thought this would be a single released independent of the forthcoming album and will probably not be included in said album. I also speculated that the nature of the release would be unique, be it through a commercial, video game, movie, etc.

So far, I can safely say I was partially right.

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The Facts About Tally Hall’s Next Album

Tally Hall is made up of 5 very smart, mature, and patient guys. They won’t show dissatisfaction about any one person or thing, even if they’re feeling it. They will show their frustration with a situation, but never point any fingers. And that’s exactly what’s happening here. But that’s because, in this situation, the blame for the delay can be placed in a number of places.

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