Does Tally Hall do any cover songs?

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Tally Hall has some of the most impressive and original songs in current pop music, but they can’t help but acknowledge that one of the reasons their live show became so popular around Ann Arbor was because of a particular cover song they ended their set with. Even after putting away this song for a bit, the demand to have this song put back was too great to deny. That song was Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend” and they still continue to end many of their sets with it, to the delight of those who enjoy their explosive, energetic rendition of this classic 80’s rap song.

Since then, Tally Hall has added a handful of other cover songs they throw in from time to time. Each one is very different and skillfully executed with a profound respect for the original recording plus a dash of Tally Hall flavored spice that takes each one to a higher level.

For a list of songs they’ve covered, please check the Tally Hallmanac.

Many live recordings of these songs can be found by searching YouTube.

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