What do all these crazy words in the Tally Hall Community (forums) mean?

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Here is a key to what the most well-known words of the Tally Hall community (forums) mean…

Key to key:
Word / part of speech / Definition / sample sentence / Creator of word

Cawezome adj. As awesome as Coz. You are going to live with Tally Hall? That’s cawezome! Jennie

Hawesome adj. As awesome as Joe Hawley. That Banana Man video is hawesome. Jennie (and others)

Chawesome adj. As awesome as Coz and Joe Hawley combined. YOU’RE MARRYING ROB?! THAT’S FREAKING CHAWESOME! Jennie (and others)

Surdoz adj. Dirty beyond the stature of Coz. Put Jennie and Joanne in Michigan for a week and you’re bound to get a surdoz result. Jennie and Joanne

Zubin n. The sexiest thing known to mankind. He is definately a Zubin. Unknown

Rubindrosoe n. 1. All of the talligans. 2. Heh heh heh… I want the shirt for Rubindrosoe. Jennie

Talligans n. The members of Tally Hall. I ran into the Talligans at a Borders once… Jennie

Halligans n. The fans of Tally Hall. Us halligans are some cool cats! Jennie

Coz 1.n. A very lucky man. He won the lottery? What a coz! 2.adj. Dirty. Mr. Moon is quite coz. Jennie and Joanne

PIE n. The era of the forums before the Super-City-State of Insanity was founded by Jennie and Sputnik. (Pre Insanity Era) I think Oliver really likes the PIE. Jennie

MIME n. The era of the forums during the hype of Insanity and MMMM. (Mid-Insanity/Marvins Era) The MIME was known for its Revs. Jennie

Rev n. A giant surge in posting, a revolution. The JS Rev was the first of the craze. Jennie and Sputnik

PIMP n. The era of the forums after Insanity died down, people became conscious of their post counts, and people started talking about new Tally material to present. (Post-Insanity/Marvins to Present) This post right here- this is PIMP. Jennie

Wordennie n. The fact that Jennie makes up a lot of words. This post is here because of wordennie. Jennie? NAH.
More information: http://www.tallyhall.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=20656#20656

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