What’s the down n’ dirty on this whole “listedBlack” thing?

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If the other FAQ wasn’t enough for you, here’s a little more trivia:

Rob’s high-school band “listedBlack” featured Rob on guitar,  Zach Krasman on bass, and Zubin on (believe it or not) drums.  listedBlack continued until 2002 when Rob moved to Ann Arbor.

They also had an EP, “Songs About Girls,” which included tracks entitled “Passing,” “Effort and Apathy,” “Almost Raining,” and “Yearbook,” the latter of which went on to become a track on Tally Hall’s Pingry EP. An individual assumed to have gone to high-school with the listedBlack crew reports that other songs were written, but were only performed live, and were probably not recorded.

Almost a year after the band’s demise, Zubin moved to Ann Arbor, picked up the bass,  and the primordial Tally Hall lineup began to take shape.

THERE. There’s your minuscia. Now lemme alone.

A livejournal stumbled upon during a google search for listedBlack turned up the following quote: “…but yeah, the show was great, the band sounded fantastic. in high school when it was rob, zubin, zach, and bj as ‘Listed Black’ i don’t think i ever assumed it would turn into anything big and exciting. good for them. i’m so proud of my friends.” Apparently there was ANOTHER member of the band named BJ. Information on listedBlack can therefore be at best described as shady. I’ll see what I can learn/add to this puzzle…

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