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Bora Karaca

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Bora Karaca
Bora karaca portrait oip.jpg
Friend, Roadie, Tally Hall's Mascot, Bora
Date of Birth: November 26, 1984(?)
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Current resident of: Los Angeles, CA
Other Names: Present-Day Bora, Orange Tie, Bodur the Clumsy, Bodur von Ungeschickthügeln, Gary Patterson

Bora Kurt Karaca (more commonly known as 'Bora Karaca' or just 'Bora') is a friend of Tally Hall's from their college days at the University of Michigan. He has played a key role in documenting the band and the recording process of their 2nd studio album Good & Evil. He has also been featured in several episodes of Tally Hall's Internet Show in his recurring sketches, 15 Seconds Of Bora.

Bora also has his own project, Cojum Dip, where he performs original songs and covers of retro Nintendo songs. He is also a part of Miracle Musical, and worked on making Hawaii: Part II.


Cojum Dip & Tally Hall

Bora first heard about Tally Hall as a freshman at the University of Michigan, from a friend of Rob Cantor's dad. He would soon attend his first Tally Hall concert in 2004 and met Rob and Joe Hawley, where he invited Rob to a mixing session. He soon met Andrew Horowitz and later Zubin Sedghi at a gig at Leo's Coney Island in January 2005.[1] Sometime after this, Joe would ask Bora about helping to record The Bidding at a studio at the University of Michigan. He accepted, and would help them record acoustic demos in a classroom for what would become part of The Pingry EP.[1][2]

Bora helped with some Tally Hall shows and eventually was asked to join their tour as a roadie, to which he would accept. This would lead to him being spotted at many gigs and becoming somewhat of a mascot to them[1], as well as becoming popular with avid fans of the band.

During this period Bora would start his own band named "Cojum Dip", a Metal/Jazz group donned in wrestling masks and capes. Their first gig would be at the Duderstadt Center on February 18th, 2005, which was filmed in full for a intended DVD release.[3] They were known for their unorthodox shows, playing guitars with drills or generally messing around on stage and during songs.

During the recording of Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in summer 2005, Bora provided backing vocals for 3 tracks, whistled on Banana Man, and provided assistant engineering.[4]

One of the first times Bora was asked to help document Tally Hall was at South by Southwest in 2007.[5] This was intended for an episode of their in-production internet show, but was never released until 2013. He would later document Tally Hall's March 2008 tour in the first of his many Boralogues, showcasing wacky antics, bands they toured with, and funny moments from shows.[6] Bora would create 4 Boralogues cataloging the tour.[7] Bora also created a series of 15 second internet skits titled "15 Seconds of Bora", featuring Bora as the sole character in each skit.[8] These would be featured in Tally Hall's Internet Show.

The Boralogues would return in late 2009[9], documenting the recording of Tally Hall's then-upcoming second album, Good & Evil. These short vlogs would give fans their first taste of what the album would sound like.

Bora joined the band on 2011's Good & Evil Tour donning the signature Tally Hall outfit, complete with black slacks, white shirt, black vest, and sporting an orange necktie. In addition to introducing the band at the start of each show of the tour, he also played various instruments on stage with the band, leading many to dub him an unofficial member of Tally Hall.

Post Tally Hall

After Tally Hall's last tour in 2011, Bora focused more on mastering and producing at his studio The LaBORAtory, including writing and recording more songs for Cojum Dip. This would last shortly however, as Bora, Joe, and Ross soon went to work on what would become Hawaii: Part II. In addition to producing the album, Bora would help write and perform tracks.

Bora has been working with Andrew Horowitz's Chill Palm label to produce ~900 tracks under various psudonyms[10]

In November 2023 Bora performed alongside Andrew Horowitz as the opening act at a Jukebox The Ghost show.[11][12]


  • Bora can usually be found in his Los Angeles studio, The LaBORAtory.
  • Bora animated and starred in Rob's music video for All I Need Is You[13]
  • Bora is credited as "Bora Karaca" and as grip in Rob's music video for Old Bike[14]
  • Bora was born at the age of 0 in Detroit, Michigan in a hospital that no longer exists[15]
  • Bora owns a 3DS and enjoys playing Bravely Default[16]
  • Bora has a pet dog named Gus.[17]
  • Bora contributed to the fan cover project "We Think We're Playing In A Band: A Tribute To Tally Hall" under the alias Gary Patterson, with a cover of All Of My Friends.[18]
  • Bora is most likely of Turkish ethnic origin, with Bora, Kurt, and Karaca being common Turkish names. In addition, he has been seen playing the bağlama, a traditional Turkish instrument.[19]
  • Bora enjoys Smash Bros, and his main is Wolf.[20]


The following is an alphabetical compilation of the songs Bora Karaca has written or helped to write: