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Etudes II
Released 2019
Length 8:59
Label BKLYN Records
Producer Andrew Horowitz

Etudes II is an album of solo piano etudes written and performed by Andrew Horowitz and the sequel to Etudes. He originally wrote the pieces in 2005 while a student at the University of Michigan, and released a studio recording of them on April 10th, 2019.

The album is available on Spotify[1] and the Sheet music is available on Andrew's producer website. [2]

Track listing

Track listing

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. "Where We Left Off Etude" Horowitz n/a 1:58
2. "Indie-Rock (Two-Finger) Etude" Horowitz n/a 0:54
3. "Triad Etude" Horowitz n/a 1:48
4. "Crash-And-Burn Etude" Horowitz n/a 0:52
5. "A Little Funk-Ay Etude" Horowitz n/a 0:57
6. "Vamp Etude" Horowitz n/a 2:30