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Written by Joe Hawley
Appears on Good & Evil
Sung by Joe Hawley
Genre Rock
Language English

&, a song by Joe Hawley. The song is pronounced "And". It shares the same melody as a song (also by Hawley) called A Lady which acts as a reprise on the album Good & Evil.

Music Video

& was set up to have a music video, directed by Steve Loter, who also directed the music video for Hidden In The Sand. The video was to incorporate fan-submissions of creatively-made ampersands, and though many fans did submit their ampersands, the music video was scrapped due to lack of funding. [1]
On October 21st, 2011 Tally Hall created a photo album on their facebook page of 137 of the ampersands that were submitted by fans, with the caption:
The "&" video is no more. Many hours were committed towards making this video a reality; however, with limited resources, it just didn't happen. To everyone who worked on this video, and all those who submitted your artwork: thank you for the effort and thought you put into this project. Words are insufficient to express our gratitude. [2]

On September 29th, 2013 Skye, AKA HomeStarRunnerTron uploaded a fan-made music video to YouTube, which showcased the fan-made ampersands. Skye explains:

"This is a video I've had in my head for just about two years now. When I found out there wasn't going to be an & music video, but ALL the fan-submitted &s were there to behold... I knew there still needed to be a product in which to view it." The video now has over 10,000 views.[3]


  • The word &/and appears in the song 41 times.
  • If you include the words it appears "within" (like "demand"), it appears in the song 45 times.
  • Including the title of the album, song titles, & all repeated verses not listed in the lyrics, &/and appears a total of 121 times on Good & Evil (not including words it appears "within"). Phew!


Love of the s*n 
Came back again to make it clear that
He never said it would meet demand
Shame on a martyr claiming friends from
Either perspective of &
Weak & Strong &
Wet & Dry &
Right & Wrong &
Live & Die &
Sane & Gone &
Love & Not &
All the &s that we forgot so

Sing while you hear it
Don't deny it
Leave if you can't stand the thought of it
Come back again to make things stand with
No disrespect to the &
High & Low &
New & Old &
Stop & Go &
Hot & Cold &
John & Yoko
Dark & Light
It's almost time to say good night to it

They took a lesson from their fathers
Told them that they were the same command
Wait for the minds to make complete their
Lives stuck beside every &

Words & Numbers
Sound & Silence
Stop the peace & Keep the violence
No & Yes &
We digress
It lives with Sad & Happiness
Oh God

Big Bad Betty of the Apocalypse
She opens her lips and it goes like this
When The Golden Rule & the jungle meet
There'll be nothing to love &
There'll be no one to beat
Oh the things we know
The things we don't
Oh the things we think we can will & won't
We're loath to gather that nothing's left
We're all together & we're all bereft
Capitalists & Communists
You did the hokey pokey and it went like this
You hate each other & you love yourselves
It might be Heaven & it might be Hell
Oh the things we do
The things we say
Oh the things we wish we could wash away


Starting chord (love of the sun): A

Verse part a: Bm E Bm E G F F#

Verse part b: Bm E Bm E G A B

Chorus: Em B Em B Em B Em F# G A

Solo chords are same as verse

Last chorus (words and numbers): B Em B Em B Em F#m G A Bbm

"Big bad Betty": Bbm F Bbm

"Capitalist, communist": Bm F# F#7 Bm

"Oh the things": Bm F#