15 Seconds Of Bora

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15 Seconds Of Bora is a reoccurring sketch in Tally Hall's Internet Show, featuring their friend Bora Karaca. There are a total of 9 segments, one in each episode of T.H.I.S. except the episode Mary-Kate And Ashley.

The names of each are as follows:

  • Introduction[1]
  • Whole Bronzini [2]
  • Shower[3]
  • To Be Continued [4]
  • Date [5]
  • Second Opinion[6]
  • !!! [7]
  • Dramatic Interpretation [8]
  • Continued[9]


Select sketches from T.H.I.S. and two additional sketches, which were not featured in Tally Hall's Internet Show, were uploaded to the youtube channel '15secondsofbora'[10]

The titles of the episodes differentiate slightly from the versions that are uploaded to the official Tally Hall Youtube Page:

  • Dramatic Interpretation is called "BEETHOVEN"
  • Whole Bronzini is called "WHOLE BRONZINI BAKED IN SALT CRUST"
  • !!! is called "THE MEANING OF LIFE"


Bora's reddit name, is also 15secondsofbora[11]

The additional episodes are "THE WORLD'S GREATEST BEARD GROWTH CLIP", which shows Bora's beard growth to play the character of Future Bora[12] and in 2014, a new skit entitled "LEMON TREE" was uploaded to the channel[13]