Admittedly Incomplete Demos

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Admittedly Incomplete Demos
Studio Album
Released 2015
Length 1:03:10
Label Independent
Producer Tally Hall

Admittedly Incomplete Demos is an album released exclusively through Tally Hall's Bandcamp Page [1] It was released December 15, 2015. It's title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Tally Hall's compilation of demos entitled Complete Demos.

Tally Hall didn't initially advertise the release of Admittedly Incomplete Demos, however they did refer to it in a Facebook post 2018 with the hashtag "#tbt", a common abbreviation for "Throwback Thursday", in which people post about their past.[2]

Tally Hall fansite Hidden In The Sand reported on the release, speculating that by releasing the band's demos may be an act of solemn resignation[3] Despite this, Ross Federman has stated that as of 2018: "Tally Hall still exists. Touring isn't possible at this very moment. That's about the only update"[4]
Twitter user and Tally Hall fan-blog "Tally Hall Of Shame" reviewed the album as: "A welcome addition [...] a testament to [the band's] creative process filled to bursting with the same unique humor and raw melodic ability that captured the hearts of anyone who's ever listened to their official albums"[5]

The album used to be available at a "pay-what-you-want" price[3] and used to only show 10 tracks available for streaming, while downloading/purchasing the album revealed 19 more hidden tracks. The album page has been subsequently updated to show the full track listing, and is now available for purchase as $9.99 or more.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. "Another Minute (Live at the Frieze Basement, December 2002)" Unknown Cantor or Sedghi? 3:24
2. "Mobile Phone Premonition (Live at the Frieze Basement, December 2002)" Unknown Cantor/Sedghi 1:18
3. "Welcome to Tally Hall (Acoustic Demo)" Unknown Hawley 1:50
4. "Marvin's SFX - Bohemian Rhapsody (Sample)" Freddie Mercury Instrumental 0:53
5. "Banana Man (Lounge Version)" Hawley Instrumental 3:16
6. "Blind Pig Introduction (January 2008)" Unknown Unknown 0:12
7. "Spring and a Storm (Original Demo feat. Ryan Scott)" Hawley/Ryan Scott? Ryan Scott 3:48
8. "Two Wuv (Alternate Bridges)" Horowitz Horowitz 0:46
9. "The Whole World and You (Punk Rehearsal)" Horowitz Horowitz 1:50
10. "Just a Friend" Markie/Cantor Cantor 4:30
11. "Songy Song" Cantor? Instrumental 0:39
12. "Keep Up The Good Work! Theme" Horowitz? Instrumental 0:50
13. "Sea Cucumber (Demo)" Sedghi? Sedghi 1:02
14. "Tally Hall's Internet Show Theme" Unknown Instrumental 0:16
15. "Spiced Rum Commercial (Demo)" Unknown Unknown 1:17
16. "You & Me (Zubin Lead Vocal Rehearsal)" Cantor Sedghi 2:40
17. "Cannibal (Demo)" Sedghi Sedghi? 3:32
18. "Who You Are (Demo)" Cantor Cantor 3:32
19. "Sacred Beast (Demo)" Hawley 3:11
20. "A Lady (Demo)" Hawley Hawley? 1:08
21. "The Trap (Demo)" Sedghi Sedghi 3:02
22. "Turn the Lights Off (Alternate Bridge)" Hawley Hawley? 0:43
23. "Out in the Twilight (Demo)" Cantor Cantor 2:04
24. "Fate of the Stars (Demo)" Horowitz 5:23
25. "Light & Night (Demo)" Cantor Cantor 3:02
26. "Love Track (Rehearsal)" Horowitz? Unknown 0:42
27. "Go (Demo)" Sedghi? Unknown 3:08
28. "Color Be Gone (Demo)" Sedghi? Unknown 4:41
29. "The Minstrel Boy" Thomas Moore [[[Hawley]]? 0:42

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