All I Need Is You

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All I Need Is You
Written by Rob Cantor
Appears on Not A Trampoline
Sung by Rob Cantor
Duration 3:18
Genre Rock
Language English

All I Need Is You is the 3rd song released from Rob's first solo album, Not A Trampoline, and was released on April 9th, 2014 along with a music video made entirely of looping gifs.


The music video was almost entirely shot by Rob and his friends, even though much of it looks like it's coming from TV or movies. At 2:29, a subliminal message appears!


✓ Marked Official
The life you want to lead, it's right beneath your feet.
Tonight no shadows fall; see the lightning, heed the call.

The world we wish we knew; it's there in me, it's there in you.
Tonight we come true.  Feel so right and feel so new.

All I need is you.
All I need is you.

Adrift, we nearly drowned. A faith we finally found.
Tonight a garden grew. See the green and see the blue.

And all that we've waited for and all that we hold in store.
Everything starts tonight, we can be final we can be light.
All I need is you.
All I need is you.  
You. (x 13)

The life we want to lead 
(I caught onto to something golden) 
it's right beneath our feet.
(I didn't know what I was holding) 
Fortune and failure, I'm finding my place in the cold 
You take me apart and I’m whole.

All I need is you.
All I need is you.
All I need is you.