Black Rainbows

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Black Rainbows
Written by Ross Federman, Joe Hawley
Appears on Hawaii: Part II
Sung by Joe Hawley, Madi Diaz
Duration 2:30
Genre Alternative
Language Polynesian, English

Black Rainbows is a song by Ross Federman and Joe Hawley . It is the 4th track on the album Hawaii: Part II. Black Rainbows contains some Polynesian or Hawaiian lyrics along with traditional English lyrics.


'Ula'ula 'alani melemele
(Red, orange, yellow)
Oma'oma'o polu poni
(Green, blue, purple)

Do we remember
Connected rainbows?

'Ele'ele 'ele'ele
(Black, black)

Stella octangula

I see the praised rays
You see me smile
We know the joy beyond above
Has been here awhile

I draw the rainbows
You draw them near
And lo the hues arrange to show
It's perfectly clear