Black Rainbows

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Black Rainbows
Written by Ross Federman, Joe Hawley
Appears on Hawaii: Part II
Sung by Joe Hawley, Madi Diaz
Duration 2:30
Genre Alternative, World
Language Hawaiian, English

Black Rainbows is a song by Ross Federman and Joe Hawley. It is the 3rd track on the album Hawaii: Part II. Black Rainbows contains lyrics in both Hawaiian and English.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Black Rainbows was a featured Staff Pick of on 12/13/2012 [1]
  • Black Rainbows references the melody from the theme song of Hawaii Five-0.


'Ula'ula 'alani melemele
(Red, orange, yellow)
Oma'oma'o polu poni
(Green, blue, purple)

Do we remember
Connected rainbows?

'Ele'ele 'ele'ele
(Black, black)

Stella octangula

I see the praised rays
You see me smile
We know the joy beyond above
Has been here awhile

I draw the rainbows
You draw them near
And lo the hues arrange to show
It's perfectly clear