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===Boralogue VII===
===Boralogue VII===
'''Studio Day 6 (November 2nd)'''
'''Studio Day 6 (November 2nd)'''
Songs worked on: [[Sacred Beast]], [[You And Me]], [[The Trap]].
Songs worked on: [[Sacred Beast]], [[You And Me]], [[The Trap]], [[&]].
'''Studio Day 10 (November 6th)'''
'''Studio Day 10 (November 6th)'''

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Boralogues are video journals made by Bora Karaca, chronicling different moments in the career of Tally Hall.

March 2008 Tour[edit]

Boralogue I[edit]

Day 3: Los Angeles

Boralogue II[edit]

Day 7: Portland, Day 8: Seattle, Day 10: Provo, Day 12: Denver

Boralogue III[edit]

SXSW '08

Boralogue IV[edit]

Day 20: Tulsa, Day 21: St. Louis, Day 23: Chicago, April 1st (Homecoming)

Recording Good & Evil[edit]

Boralogue V[edit]

Week 1 Rehearsal (October 19th through 25th) Songs worked on: Out In The Twilight (0:38), & (0:50), You And Me (0:53), and 1 unknown song.

Studio Day 1 (October 26th) Songs worked on: Never Meant To Know (3:15), Sacred Beast (2:04, 2:50), Out In The Twilight (2:09) and 1 unknown song.

Boralogue VI[edit]

Studio Day 2 (October 27th) Songs worked on: Sacred Beast, Never Meant To Know, &, Turn The Lights Off and Out In The Twilight

Boralogue VII[edit]

Studio Day 6 (November 2nd) Songs worked on: Sacred Beast, You And Me, The Trap, &.

Studio Day 10 (November 6th) Songs worked on: Hymn For A Scarecrow.

Boralogue VIII[edit]

(At least November 2nd, according to Andrew's Twitter as well as November 9th according to Rob's twitter, which makes note of Ross shaving) Songs worked on: Hymn For A Scarecrow, Misery Fell, Fate Of The Stars.

Boralogue IX[edit]

November 25th, last day in the studio Songs worked on: Never Meant To Know, Hymn For A Scarecrow, Fate Of The Stars, Turn The Lights Off, Who You Are, You.

Good & Evil Tour 2011[edit]

Boralogue X[edit]

The band gets together on July 20th for an in-studio interview on Ann Arbor's 107.1 followed by a StageIt live rehearsal broadcast from a hot room with a moon-textured wall. The video continues to show behind-the-scenes footage of the band performing at WZZM on July 21st. Short clips of Casey Shea and Speak performing on stage for the first show of the tour in Grand Rapids, Michigan, followed by Tally Hall shining their shoes backstage. Clips of them playing Misery Fell, A Lady (with guest flautist), and the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Bora's hair gets fluffed and the Tally Hall Sticker sticker on the wall of The Blind Pig (or The 8-Ball Saloon) has become an "all balls" sticker.

Boralogue XI[edit]

Boralogue XII[edit]

Boralogue XIII[edit]

Fun Facts:[edit]

  • The music featured during the map/travel segues in Boralogue V thru VIII is an original Bora composition, originally written and submitted to be in an XBox Live video game. As of 12/4/09, though, it has not yet been officially chosen to be included on the soundtrack.
  • The music featured during the final credits ("tallyhall.com") of Boralogue V thru VIII was originally written by Bora and used in Boralogue IV during the trippy, psychedelic, Zubin "To tell you I am!" scene.