Bring Her Along

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Bring Her Along
Written by Joe Hawley
Appears on Joe Hawley Joe Hawley
Sung by Joe Hawley
Duration 3:26
Genre Rock
Language English

Bring Her along (feat. Andrew Horowitz is the 3rd track on Joe Hawley's solo album, Joe Hawley Joe Hawley. Andrew's participation in this song is unclear at this time.

This song samples Queen's song "We Will Rock You" and the theme from Nintendo's "Super Mario Brothers".


You don't know but you've been told
Oil is worth its blood in gold

Emeralds too and orchids blue
How about something new?

Grooming in the garden
hedging out a plan
Dino topiaries
Solipsistic clan

Francesca's the name
Your head's her game
so don't feel ashamed to step out of frame

She said FEE FI FO and FO FI FUM

Looming in the parlor 
longing to be sad
Millionaire Ted DiBiase
Supernova dad

Please bring her along as if she'd planned it
but don't expect them to understand it

She had to break for a bit
Two work birthdays in a row
inhaling tokens, H. Tubmans, 
and whatevs else, yo
In case you're wondering 
which vestige of the moon is male
It should be clear to even those 
who haven't heard that tale
of Mr. Kaufman
cavorting with the pink prism
Here it goes again

Animate the ancient runes
whistling classic Disney tunes

I don't know but I've been told
Solar reduces fumes

In my soul when I can hear it
Nothing compares with joyful spirit
We can go
Our hands in hands
Traveling lasting lands

Fuming in the mirror
Sinister report
Graceful Jabberwocky