Cell Phone Call

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Cell Phone Call
Written by n/a
Appears on The Pingry EP
Sung by n/a
Genre n/a
Language English

This is the final track on the Pingry EP. It's a bit of live show banter, in which Rob receives a phone call right at the beginning of an unknown song.


ROB: It reminds us of the circus a little bit, and I think you'll enjoy a little, um... circus?

ZUBIN (?): A lil' circus--

ROB: Here we go. (begins playing, just as his cellphone rings) Oh, my gosh.

(audience laughs hysterically)

ZUBIN (?): Uh, please turn off your cellphones and pagers in the audience.

ROB: Hello? (audience laughter)

ZUBIN: Put it up to the mic.

ROB: Juh-... Joseph? Yeah, I'm, we're--in the concert now. (audience laughter) ... Yeah, I'm on-stage.

ZUBIN: Incredibly, this is not planned.

ROB: Uh, I'm getting a call... PJ's calling me.

(audience laughter)

ROB: Yeah, anyway, are you gonna come?... (bass note, audience laughter)
Yeah, you're probably not gonna make it if you haven't left yet. (audience laughter)
There's only five songs left.

ZUBIN (?): Put it up to the mic. Uh, put it up to the mic, let's hear Joe.

(at the same time, a girl in the audience is saying, "We have the whole other half of the concert(s).")

ROB: Okay, I have to- I have to go, though, because I doing this right now.
You're riding-- he's riding a motor-- okay, that's not... doesn't make any sense.
I'll see you later, though. Okay, goodbye. All right.


ZUBIN: Rob... Rob Cantor, ladies and gentlemen.

(audience laughter, guitar begins, fade out)