Christian Bale Is At Your Party

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Christian Bale is at your party
He's alone
Eating all your queso dip
Talking on your phone
Uninvited, he just sorta walks into your home
"What don't you f**king understand?"

Now, Christian Bale is flirting with your unattractive niece
She is named Amanda but he's calling her Patrice
Brought a frozen pizza and he sells it by the piece, he says:
"What don't you f**king understand?"

Now he's stabbing at your wife
"What don't you f**king understand?"
With a carrot for a knife
"Gimme a f**king answer"
Making fun of your kazoo
"Ohhhh, good for you"

Now he's running naked through the crowd
Everyone can see
He's terribly endowed
Someone called the cops and they're coming up the block

Christian Bale is running from policemen on your street
It's such a scene even uncle Mervin has to tweet
Taze him, but Christian doesn't seem to miss a beat, repeating:
"What don't you F**kin-"
They tackle him, cuff him, now he's under their command
But he's smiling, almost like he has the upper-hand
A flash of light!
Christian Bale has vanished into sand
"What don't you f**king understand?"