Cojum Dip

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Coum Dip
Cojumdip promoshot.jpg
Place of Origin Ann Arbor, MI
Genres Metal, Jazz, Opera, Rock
Years Active 2004-2008
Label None
Associated Acts Tally Hall
Website Cojum Dip's Official Website
Cojum Dip's Myspace
Cojum Dip on YouTube
Band Members
Past Members
  • Cork (aka Mumutits the Sour - Guitar, Saw)
  • Matt (aka Udabn the Feared - Bass)
  • Jake (aka Laurence - Guitar)
  • Blake (aka Captain No - Drums)

Cojum Dip is an experimental metal/jazz/opera/rock band started by Bora Karaca in Ann Arbor, MI around 2004. They gained some popularity in the AA area and had one of the most insane, entertaining live acts of all time. Unfortunately, after Bora moved to Los Angeles in 2008, the band was put on hold.

Currently, Bora is hoping to start a new chapter of Cojum Dip by finding some new band members in the LA area and start rocking the world again. More information is available on