Cojum Dip (Album)

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Cojum Dip
Studio Album
Released 2014
Length 42:16
Label n/a
Producer Bora Karaca

Cojum Dip (Album) is an album by Cojum Dip, headed by Bora Karaca.


  • If you look very closely, the blood vessels of the eye on the album art spell out "cojum dip"

Track listing[edit]

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration

1. "Cell" Karaca Karaca 4:39
2. "4-LOM" Karaca Karaca 4:41
3. "Reverse Mullet" Karaca Karaca 4:38
4. "M54" Karaca Karaca 3:43
5. "Jabberwocky" Karaca Karaca 5:15
6. "Waltz in E-major, Op. 15 "Moon Waltz"" Karaca Karaca 4:47
7. "Tap Tap Tap" Karaca Karaca 4:41
8. "Puzzle Dust" Karaca Karaca 6:06
9. "134340 Pluto" Karaca Karaca 3:42