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  |title = Color Be Gone
  |title = Color Be Gone
|albumart = Cover.jpg
  |writer = Unknown
  |writer = Unknown
  |singer = [[Zubin Sedghi]]
  |singer = [[Zubin Sedghi]]

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Color Be Gone
Written by Unknown
Appears on Admittedly Incomplete Demos
Sung by Zubin Sedghi
Duration 4:41
Genre Rock / Indie Rock
Language English
Addtl. Info: This song is a demo and appears on the "Admittedly Incomplete Demos" page of Tally Hall's Bandcamp.

Color Be Gone is a song on Tally Hall's Admittedly Incomplete Demos. The writer is unknown. Coz thinks it sounds like an Andrew Horowitz composition.


On the darkened road, the saddest songs lift slowly to her ears,
Rounding corners, drifting into sound as visions soon appeared.

Head toward the transparent ledge of a dream,  
Takes just another step to get you there.

Melts with the wisdom which drowns in white sound, 
Stay close, fantastic sieves pollute the air, and make us care.

Color be gone, aah.  Mmmm.

From the mellow trees, her slighted mind sights black lights overhead  
Withered baritones, her skeletons reveal what's left unsaid.

Head toward the manifest jester of meat,  
Here's to the whelming of the atmosphere.

Melts with the ice storm of waning machines,  
Hold for a moment when the makers share a hint of care.

Color be gone, aah.  Mmmm.

For those lost in Wonders Den, 
Follow not the one who's sent.

Lift a finger to the sky,  
Light shall come and catch the eye.

Here until there's nothing left to mend...

On the other side, he calls for all commotion to await,
Combs the grounds for those unguided seeking solace at the gate.

Head toward the bitter mirage of a queen,  
Survived by members of a new frontier.

Melt from the odd and bizarre old routine,  
Forgotten by a need to cry and hear the ones too clear.

Color be gone, aaah,  
Color be gone, aaah,