Complete Demos

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Complete Demos
Released 2004
Length 38:40
Label none
Producer Tally Hall

Complete Demos is the combination of the band's previous two EP's, Party Boobytrap and Welcome To Tally Hall (EP). Together, these EPs made up the first full length album released by Tally Hall. It's a collection of well-produced demos recorded in Joe's attic using a digital camcorder and recording each track one by one. Many agree it captured a magic unfound in the later studio recordings of these songs.

The album was released physically in 2004, and it was released digitally through Tally Hall's Bandcamp page in December 2015.[1] alongside Admittedly Incomplete Demos, a collection of unfinished demo tracks, and previously unreleased material.[2]

Most of the tracks went on to be re-recorded for Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, with the exception of Stationary Love and (I Know) It's Just The Same.


Although Ross Federman appears in the photograph used as the album cover, Steve Gallagher is credited for the drums in these demos.[1] This is due to Ross joining the band after those demos were recorded but before the culmination and release of Complete Demos.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. "Good Day" Horowitz Hawley, Cantor 3:31
2. "Greener" Cantor Cantor 4:03
3. "Welcome To Tally Hall" Cantor, Hawley, Sedghi Cantor, Sedghi, Hawley 4:02
4. "Just Apathy" Cantor Cantor 3:35
5. "Two Wuv" Horowitz Sedghi 3:44
6. "Stationary Love" Cantor Cantor 3:53
7. "Banana Man" Hawley Hawley 4:09
8. "(I Know) It's Just The Same" Horowitz Hawley 5:34
9. "Ruler Of Everything" Hawley Hawley 4:08
10. "Hidden In The Sand" (hidden track) Hawley Hawley 1:28

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